June 11, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: Grounds Report


With blue skies abound and the fresh vibrancy of the summertime season making its annual debut upon the Southern California landscape, a dedicated international community would sense the call of tradition, as car culture enthusiasts from all around the globe would enthusiastically convene upon the rich grounds of the famed Pasadena Rose Bowl Stadium in celebration of the 2013 Bimmerfest showcase spectacular.  The reputation and prestige associated with the Bimmerfest phenomenon is intricately linked with its focused emphasis upon the passion for the BMW brand of automotive luxury and sports performance, a preference and style also admired within alternative circuits in the region but all the more honored and revered within the scope of this premier event, which has become the largest public gathering of its genre within the continental United States.  Adding to the unique character of the experience is the nature of the setting itself, offering a show floor uniquely characterized by spanning green fertile terrain set just outside one of the most popular college sports destinations within the state.  All are elements which essentially inspire a unique festive vivacity within the overall show atmosphere.  With such identity established by both brand and venue, it would only be proper to include some of the most gorgeous live event personalities within the industry to help bring this celebration of life and style into dazzling focus.  Just as this show floor would present a unique variety of perspectives on the automotive lifestyle phenomenon, the quality of promotional talent present would likewise highlight the potential and depth within the modeling industry during the current era.

General Show Floor

Bimmerfest Pasadena has traditionally been organized in what would be described as a nuclear showcase format with the majority of display vehicles loosely situated around a centrally located vendor village, where much of the action would essentially take place.  Because of a steadily rising brand presence within the event grounds every year, show organizers would eventually have to allocate additional space for more companies to effectively present their products and services, thus influencing the introduction of an outer rim promotional arch section, which truly motivated attendees to explore the expanse of the entire showcase area.  However, since this site is focused primarily on the modeling industry, the following Bimmerfest Pasadena coverage segments will focus upon some of the dazzling young company brand ambassadors stationed at the event’s featured booths along with some exciting and surprising special appearances, which effectively assisted in making this year’s event one of the most entertaining attractions of the season on record.
Promotional Nucleus   Outer Rim Vendors
Some of the industry’s top promotional teams would be stationed within the event’s central vendor village, including several industry professionals not often seen within the scene.
It’s highly encouraged to explore the entire range of a show floor, or its possible one might miss something quite special like the appearance of some popular brand teams within the shows outer sectors.

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