June 19, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: The 2Crave Model Troupe


As the largest automotive lifestyle gathering of its kind within the United States, the annual Bimmerfest extravaganza at the Pasadena Rose Bowl presents companies with a unique opportunity of showcasing their various products and services to a worldwide community of BMW drivers, many of whom are in the market for further options towards more effective self-expression, as it pertains to the visual character and style of their cherished rides.  The event’s significance within the grassroots car culture movement and it’s coinciding stature as a major Southern California event spectacular has, in effect, brought a unique prestige to the event, encouraging an increased involvement by some of the major entities of the automotive scene, who would consistently mark their territories upon the event’s show floor throughout the years.  One of the companies making a significant impact upon the event experience this year would be 2Crave Wheels, whose general brand presence within the major showcase circuits has been steadily expanding throughout the past few seasons.  Their sleek, refined conceptions of luxury design and craftsmanship do much to accentuate the brand’s distinct style and process.  However, nothing compliments this dedication to quality upon a live event environment quite like the ladies who often place themselves behind the wheels.  2Crave’s stunning troupe of premier personalities has always provided attendees with a dazzling insight into some of the most unique talents within the industry, often representing the the depth and dimension within this current era of professional promotional modeling.



Raquel Estrella inspires a unique dynamic within premier events such as Bimmerfest Pasadena, one intricately in sync with the vibe and rhythm of the sensory forces abound within the festivities of any given occasion or celebration.  Raquel just breaths the energy.  She feels it.  Most importantly, however, she let’s everyone in on it.  One of the most vibrant personalities within the automotive scene in recent history, Raquel has a genuine talent for defining moments, doing so with an unbound enthusiasm and embracing radiance that just hits the spot like that sudden emotive jolt from a freshly squeezed cup of lemon aid.  Perhaps, it’s also a scintillating depth of passionate vivacity within expression and form that adds to the irresistible intrigue, effectively comprising a woman of invigorating sensual quality and character, who always provides so much value into any showcase experience.



Vibrantly alluring in soothing expressive brilliance defined in charming statuesque style, Alex Clark establishes enamoring dramatic depth through refined aesthetic intuition.  She just intrigues with a certain quality of poise and control that penetrates with effortless sensual force within dynamic stylistic fluidity.  Such sterling visual character may very well be influenced by her solid background as a live stage dance performer.  When asked about the nature of her passion for this specific field, she expressed an appreciation for all genres of the art form, though she did admit a certain affinity towards the expressive elements within hip hop.  Whatever stage or show floor she decides to bring her talent into next, her powerful visual grace is sure to expose her to more exciting opportunities in the near future.




Jessica Endres spellbinds through an expressive richness of order that bursts in scintillating visual quality upon delicate, sophisticated form.  There’s just an innate shimmer and refinement to her manner, which flows naturally through inspiring dignity and charming consistency, facets of her nature, which influence a certain reverence towards class within the immediate atmosphere.  Such smooth, effortless style is quite indicative of the dimension to her talent, well applicable within the spotlights of featured designer runways and premier fashion periodicals.  Her continued presence within promotional media for the 2Crave luxury wheel company has effectively made such assertions quite evident, consistently proving her worth and natural cohesiveness within chic aesthetic themes and stylized conceptions.


Jessica Endres had been waiting for an energizing outdoor spectacular to debut her special edition feathered earrings to the fans, an opportunity that presented itself upon the grounds of the 2013 Bimmerfest Pasadena extravaganza.  Throughout the course of this brief shoot, Jessica proved her inherent ability to accessorize, effectively accentuating the look through the efficient, fluid processes of her talent.


Milanya Maria makes a surprise appearance at the 2013 Bimmerfest Pasadena event, mostly known for her contributions to the field of modeling within the genres of competitive pageantry and fashion.  Elegantly inspiring in chic expressive focus adorned in soothing statuesque poise, Milanya exudes a haunting passionate depth that penetrates to the core in potent yet soothing emotive influence.  It’s this enticing subtlety to the tranquility of her disposition that breaths an air of enrapturing mystery into a moment, allowing her to affect thematic direction to the preferences of her own stylistic interpretation.  Though her last Southern California automotive showcase event appearance would date back to the 2011 OC Auto Show in Anaheim, she did express a willingness to delve deeper into this particular scene in the future, an eventuality which would be well received by the community of fans in general.





Passionately enticing through penetrating expressive character and vivid sensual control, Brittany Brickner enthralls with a romanticism within manner and form, which establishes potent focus within a scene or composition.  Together with her natural charisma and energy upon the show floor, she would definitely provide charming value towards this year’s 2Crave booth experience during Bimmerfest.


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