June 20, 2013

Bimmerfest Pasadena 2013: Girl Power at the Rose Bowl


Bimmerfest Pasadena is an annual automotive showcase event that brings with it an experience quite distinct in character from many of the other popular circuits in Southern California.  Known as the largest organized gathering of Bimmer enthusiasts in the United States, it is also one of the most celebrated brand specific automotive events within the international car culture community, effectively placing a focused spotlight upon the ingenuity and design of the BMW brand of performance and engineering.  The site also tends to impress audiences, as well, set upon the splendid green landscapes surrounding the historic Rose Bowl Stadium, part of a standing tradition which allows Bimmerfest to find a sense of exclusivity by being the only major automotive lifestyle circuit to have an annual sanctioned spectacular held in immediate proximity to the famed sporting complex.  Perhaps, it’s the people that make the most impact upon the experience, however, with some of the attendees coming from far and wide to become part of this unique live celebration.  As a result, companies upon the grounds of the event would make sure they had a diverse team of promotional modeling professionals on hand to effectively engage the crowds through their brand, many of whom would originate from different scenes and genres of the industry though finding common ground upon this venue.  If the moniker of the Rose Bowl was supposed to suggest a certain presence of beauty, these dazzling women would definitely provide for that.

JG Mods


JG Mods is an online retailer dedicated towards providing a fine inventory of automotive aftermarket products suited to the needs and preferences of a passionate car culture community.




Beckie Joon comes into Bimmerfest Pasadena having expanded her professional horizons, as of late, upon landing a premier role within the brand new import scene reality show, Roll Models.  Even so, Beckie is already well admired in her own right, always beaming with a serene expressive style and smooth dramatic grace, which consistently makes her one of the most elegantly statuesque figures upon any show floor.



Ventura Motorsports

Ventura Motorsports offers a rich selection of trusted brand named automotive products and parts, which cater to an avid car culture enthusiast’s preference for style and performance.


Sarah A.

Zenetti Design


Zenetti Design Wheels translates their passion for sleek style and bold performance within the depth and conception of their innovative wheel products lines.



Alexa Bella would make her first appearance at Bimmerfest Pasadena after a successful debut within the glamour event circuits at the beginning of the season.  Passionately alluring in soothing expressive depth framed upon vivid intuitive allure, Alexa presents a certain emotive force within subtlety, which dazzles in flowing penetrating consistency.  There’s just a certain economy to her manner that seems to spark an air of stylish intrigue into an atmosphere like a smooth operator relishing in the drama of any particular situation.





Nikki Diazconti is probably one of the more seductively charming young talents to debut this 2013 season, possessing a sweet expressive luster and chic dynamic poise that aesthetically captivates within grace and form.  She just exudes a style and process defined within exquisite lines set upon a fluid sense of poise and purpose, a quality within her nature and sensuality, which creates emotive significance within every possible captured moment.  Having debuted alongside Alexa at the Kuya Model Expo a few months back, Bimmerfest Pasadena would also be Nikki’s first major automotive showcase event within the Southern California region.


BMW Motorsport / Shelly BMW


One of the most stunning live personalities of the OC Auto Show in recent years, Christina Ashlee finally makes a trip into the great outdoors for this year’s Bimmerfest Pasadena extravaganza.  Shimmering in radiant expressive charisma and vibrant natural poise, Christina always offers warm hospitality and embracing enthusiasm towards the crowds, effectively accentuating the thrill and energy within any premier event occasion.



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