June 29, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: Grounds Report

The car culture scene is very much characterized by a certain cohesion amongst dedicated enthusiasts, driven by a passion and affection for expressions of style, exemplified within the creative identity of their beloved vehicles.  Such an “automotive connection” has been the fundamental inspiration for the AutoCon brand moniker, which in turn provides for the framework for one of the most vibrantly intimate experiences of the automotive lifestyle phenomenon.  While AutoCon has become a significant presence within the realm of live showcase entertainment in recent years, the event series still stays true to the roots of the movement, exposing its audience to a festive summertime atmosphere, which presents the major entities of the industry within an appealing proximity of contact.   Such an atmosphere tends to bring people together, proving AutoCon’s significance, not only within its status as a premier show extravaganza but also as a marketplace of ideas in which enthusiasm and ingenuity coincide to provide for the growth of camaraderie and collaboration within the community.  Because of the casual dynamics of the event culture, the role of promotional brand ambassador becomes all the more important yet seemingly less conventional with many of today’s finest young modeling talents caught within the vibe of a mass celebration for yet another promising summer season.  It’s within this shared experience between companies, professionals and enthusiasts, which establishes the character and charisma of a scene, one defined by a mutual recognition of each as a significant participating element of an entire experience.  AutoCon’s emphasis upon these connections is what makes its productions truly invigorating.

General Show Floor


For a second consecutive year, AutoCon Los Angeles would be held upon the lots of the famed Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California.  Those also looking for a source of sustenance in anticipation of a long hot day would immediately notice some of the region’s finest gourmet food trucks lined adjacently to the entryway.  Further in the distance, the event’s main stage would be the most prominent structure upon the grounds, hosting all of the special ceremonies and performance sets throughout the duration of the show.  The majority of the effective area, however, would proudly feature some of the industry’s renowned brand names placed irregularly throughout a vendor-packed show floor.  Promotional talent would be stationed across this dynamic showcase layout, which would in many ways intrigue audiences to fully explore the entire area in adventurous spontaneity. 


In addition to the entertaining organizational structure of the event, fans of the modeling industry’s automotive sector would easily find certain embedded points of interest, ones which placed a definite spotlight upon the current and upcoming stars within the scene.


Official Model Lounge


Brand Teams


AutoCon’s official model lounge consistently provides attendees with the opportunity of meeting and greeting today’s brightest young stars while offering fans a chance to discover or reacquaint themselves with some familiar faces who don’t necessarily frequent the event circuits of Southern California.


AutoCon LA 2013 would be dominated by a quality mix of promotional teams this season, as event organizers continue to expand upon their vision of the ideal summertime automotive festival by including more of the scene’s hottest product manufacturers and service practitioners within their event programs.

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