June 30, 2013

AutoCon Los Angeles 2013: The Girls of Summer


Not many things can compare to the thrill of a true California summertime adventure, and year after year, the AutoCon LA event spectacular at Santa Anita Park provides avid car culture enthusiasts with an opportunity to soak up some of this energy and enthusiasm upon its radiant outdoor show floor.  With some of the hottest modified rides of the scene on display, the attitude and drama of the West Coast experience is effectively showcased for the audience’s viewing pleasure, but along with that shimmering detail and vibrant color comes the significant allure for personality.  It’s a certain grace upon the flare of an atmosphere.  It’s a youthful charm within the occasional randomness of the elements.  It’s a penetrating brilliance that rivals the sensory influence of even the sunlight.  All such qualities find themselves idealized within the popularized imagery of certain girls of summer, which personify that optimism and spirit inherent within the season itself.  Experienced vendors often take notice of this dynamic within outdoor summertime environments and often feature some of the most promising young stars of the modeling industry to help bring those hazy California daydreams into stunning life.

R1 Concepts

R1 Concepts specializes in developing quality automotive braking parts and components, which translate into an optimum driving experience for those passionate about performance.


Lauren La Carriere returns once again to the grounds of AutoCon LA in her first official automotive showcase appearance of the 2013 season.  Brilliantly alluring in vivacious expressive adorability accentuated in vivid dynamic control, Lauren presents a certain quality of poise and ease of character that alludes to the passionate yet festive vibe of the season.  Such genuine amiability and visual charm has always made her an enjoyable and uplifting personality to encounter upon a show floor. 





Lori Lin continues to establish herself within the major arenas of the import scene, this time sporting the colors of R1 Concepts during the AutoCon LA 2013 event extravaganza.  Sensually radiant in serene expressive charisma framed upon fluid sensual form, Lori exhibits effortless grace through a depth of consistency within focus that just mesmerizes in a captivating purity of order.  She just flows with a certain immaculate quality to her disposition, which provides subtle yet potent direction to any photographic composition.



Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires is a leading developer of quality tire products, forged from a dedication towards high performance innovation while designed for maximum efficiency within any mode of activity.


Toyo Tires has gained some extra attention upon several show floors in recent months, an appeal well influenced by the consistent presence of the lovely Claudia Alan at their live event booth displays.  Vibrantly enchanting in soothing expressive brilliance embraced within sweet, charismatic poise, this charming young talent tends to illuminate a scene through an innate enthusiasm and quality of order that just breaths a certain luster of spirited elegance into an atmosphere.  There’s just this depth to her stylistic tranquility that is emotively passionate while spontaneous and genuine, qualities which truly exemplify her versatility and value within any mainstream publication on newsstands today.  Someone just has to take one quick look at Claudia to know she absolutely reflects that happy, positive lifestyle that can potentially inspire a mass audience.



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