May 25, 2013

AutoCon: Picture Perfect Moments


AutoCon has provided some uniquely intriguing experiences for car culture fans throughout the years, moments which continue to define the event series as one of the fastest growing outdoor automotive lifestyle circuits active in the current era.  To many, the underlying enthusiasm might be fueled by the passion within the spectacle of customized creativity in design and mechanics.  Some may even find appreciation in the grandeur and name of a venue, inside which stylized conception just seemingly bursts into full life.  With that said, it can’t be denied that a major drawing force for this event series has been associated with their quality of promotional talent, ever present at these sanctioned extravaganzas as ambassadors of the scene who intricately exemplify the style and character of an entire community.  After all, its this personality and spirit they consistently provide toward the show floor that has often translated into captivating, awe-inspiring memories throughout the event circuit’s history.  Though this may be true as AutoCon initiates its 2013 season upon the grounds of Santa Anita Park on June 1st, 2013, the question becomes less about memories and more about the anticipation of what could very well be, a time, perhaps, for more picture perfect moments in a phenomenon some might refer to as the very best of the scene.


Picture this…

Style Incarnated

Alexia Cortez
AutoCon LA 2012
The Allure of Attitude
Brittani Paige
AutoCon LA 2012

The Charm of Sensuality
Ela Pasion
AutoCon 2011


Dynamic Duos
Amanda Kerr and Ashley Clark
AutoCon LA 2012

Creative Maneuvering
Gabby Jeanne
AutoCon 2011

International Incidents
Leng Yein
AutoCon 2011
Legends in the Making
Corissa Furr
AutoCon LA 2012
Stunning Debuts
Ngan Vo
AutoCon 2011
Artistry in Real Time
Irina Estyunina
AutoCon LA 2012
The Next Wave
Trinity Dang
AutoCon 2011
Seduction at First Sight
Jenna Trujillo
AutoCon LA 2012

That Girl Next Door
Kristy Lei Juan
AutoCon LA 2012
The Depth of Drama
Latika Castillo
AutoCon LA 2012

The Temptation of Class
Lyna Ly Sparks
AutoCon LA 2012
The Pinnacle of Glamour
Melissa Riso
AutoCon LA 2012

The Sensation of Fashion
Sandra Wong
AutoCon LA 2012

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