April 7, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Gwendolynne Gee


A few moments before entering the gates of the 2013 Hot Import Nights season opener at the Auto Club Speedway, enthusiasts of the competitive drifting scene might have noticed a familiar presence upon receiving their tickets and credentials for the highly anticipated automotive showcase spectacular.  Absent from the major car culture circuits for almost two years, Gwendolynne Gee would finally reemerge into the spotlight in pursuit of that promise and subsequent fulfillment of potential, which many believed would have placed her amongst the top promotional talents of the current era.  One only needs to look back a couple of seasons to appreciate her status as a premier spokesmodel for the

XDC/Remix tour, a position she embraced not only further her exposure within a field and industry that she loved but to spread the joy and spirit of the experience to others through cherished memories that lasted beyond the diversions of time.  Acknowledging her absence and excited for the new opportunities ahead in 2013, she assures that such a lengthy hiatus will likely never happen again.


The elements and facets that make Gwendolynne Gee unique within live event settings and media are intricately linked to her genuine spontaneity of manner.  Within her character lies a dynamically creative spirit, which explodes with an enthusiasm, measured and defined through an intuitive understanding of the comic and sensual processes within conveyance of expression.  It’s this freshness and integrity of emotive content that is brilliantly adorable.  Such qualities effectively ingratiate her toward a wide, spanning audience.

As an artist, Gwendolynne Gee seems to kick it to another gear, delving into the depths of her stylistic reservoirs to fundamentally affect the mood and atmosphere through moving emotive attitude that fascinate and spellbind within aesthetic intrigue.  Suddenly, purity turns raw and sweetness shifts toward seduction.  It’s this ability to become transformative, rather than complimentary or relative, that speaks of her innate power and influence upon the thematic constructs of a composition or scene.

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