May 27, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: Promo Models Turn Up the Heat


The automotive lifestyle community was well greeted by the gleaming clear skies of an atmosphere ready to declare an official start to the scene’s outdoor showcase season, as fans from all around the state enthusiastically entered yet another Extreme Autofest Anaheim event at Angel Stadium.  The sun radiated energy upon the grounds from the first hour onward, providing audiences with a taste of the true Californian experience, as they basked in the intensifying heat amongst illuminated displays of some of the finest customized vehicles within the state.  Though many would eventually concede victory to the influence of the rays bombarding them from above, prompting many to head for some nearby relief within shaded booths and covered vendor stations, attendees would not necessarily find escape from the heat, per say.  Of course, what one might have found unbearable under the sun could, in turn, prove all the more irresistible within the lovely gazes of some of the automotive scene’s finest young modeling talents, tempting beauties who often provide refreshing warmth at every event that they happen to grace through their presence.


Group Shoot Events (GSE)



Inga Bespalovaite dazzles through a smooth expressive consistency and control that utterly mesmerizes in enamoring passionate depth.  There’s just this inherent value and style within her manner, which intrigues through the seamless cohesion of character and form, allowing for the potency of her sophistication and effortless allure to intricately influence the nature of a scene or resulting composition.




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Jenna Trujillo continues to establish herself as a premier personality for the SwaggWood brand, with Extreme Autofest being her second major event appearance under the company’s banner since the beginning of the 2013 show season.  Soothingly seductive in vivid expressive serenity framed upon dynamic sensual poise, Jenna enchants through a charming subtlety within her disposition, which infuses immersing style into an atmosphere.  Along with this fiery elegance of visual character lies a genuine appreciation for the people around her, ever so communicative and responsive with attendees at every event while keeping it real like a good buddy concerned for everyone’s general enjoyment.  Such qualities leave no doubt of her natural charisma and professionalism within the realm of brand promotion.



SPOCOM is a renowned automotive showcase circuit, which intricately fuses various elements of the car culture phenomenon into spectacular international event extravaganzas that exemplify the pinnacle of creativity and passion inherent within its scene and industry.


Elizabeth Velasquez intoxicates through sheer seductive order, defined by brilliant expressive sophistication accentuated in sensual chic control.  There’s just this quality to her expressive talent and intuitive style that just bursts with a richness of charm and elegant charisma, infusing an element of vivacious glamour into any particular captured moment.





Cathyy Dam always lights up a show floor with a certain luster to her natural enthusiasm and spirit, characterized by the soothing, delicate flow between both poise and manner.  She just brings charming expressive integrity into any scene or situation, which is visually refreshing in its innate adorability while all the more enticing through established depth and character.





Brilliantly alluring in gleaming expressive vivacity formed upon smooth sensual grace, Bianca Marie is definitely an inspiring new talent on the scene who has the potential to make quite an impact during this year’s SPOCOM automotive showcase tour.

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Charlene Marie captivates with tantalizing sensual attitude defined within vivid, dynamic form and character.  Such a potent stylistic combination has the ability to influence effortless drama into the immediate atmosphere, therefore, showcasing her talent for inspiring emotive works within glamour or automotive lifestyle photography.


CyclePath is a company dedicated to uniting motorcycle lifestyle enthusiasts through the concept and spirit of their brand while acting as a primary resource for news and trends pertinent within their community.


Jessie C. makes her second major automotive show circuit appearance of the 2013 season, appearing once again with the CyclePath brand at Extreme Autofest Anaheim. 


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