May 9, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: Everybody Loves Umbrella Girls


Though the competitors of the Formula Drift circuit are well renowned for undertaking some of the bravest and most daring feats in automotive sports today, they apparently are still under the mercy of the natural elements and, therefore, often rely on the assistance of certain special attendants to effectively shield them from those harsh rays and drizzle from above.  At least, that’s the perceived theory behind the designation of these uniformed ladies as umbrella girls.  However, even without their protective brand-named accessories, their role becomes no less important as the primary ambassadors of hospitality for the visiting crowds of Formula Drift Long Beach.  These beauty queens, scene superstars, and published models are in many ways the main attractions of the event themselves, having become a symbol of the identity and culture of the drifting lifestyle and scene.  Quite consistently throughout all seasons, they have been able to draw fans in droves toward their areas during competition intermission periods, offering fans special opportunities to meet and greet them in person with the added incentive of receiving signed photo memorabilia to assist them further in cherishing those fond moments.  As they have dedicated themselves in service and support for their company drivers, they have similarly committed themselves towards the enrichment of the general event experience, providing goodwill and enthusiasm to any fan or enthusiast within their effective scope of influence.



Hankook Tires

Hankook is a leading developer of quality-intensive, technology-driven high performance tire products designed for durability and reliability within any mode of activity and lifestyle.  The company is also well known as a proud major sponsor of the Formula Drift competitive series.

Every year at Formula Drift Long Beach, Hankook Tires debuts its new fabulous foursome of stunning promotional personalities, contracted to promote the brand during an entire season of drifting sports action.  The selection often comes as a surprise to many, as the identity of the chosen are rarely revealed until the official start of the Formula Drift season.  Within the featured roster for 2013 would be Miss Wyoming USA Holly Allen, import personality Erica Nagashima, accomplished dancer Stephanie Kay, as well as actress and musician Sadie May (ordered as pictured above).  Among them, Erica Nagashima would be the first woman in three years to repeat as a primary drift circuit representative for Hankook Tires. 


The Hankook Tire Girls were quite preoccupied with the fans that eagerly wanted to welcome the new team to the festivities of the event.  However, Sadie May was gracious enough to sneak in a smile between signings to further illuminate the content of this coverage.

Falken Tires

Falken is a leading high performance tire brand, well decorated within the world of motorsports as a company whose line of products supports efficiency and effectiveness upon varied terrains and fields of practical or competitive implementation.


Charmingly brilliant in vibrant expressive character,  Gabriela Rilee offered fresh spirit and enthusiasm to all the fans visiting the Falken Tire display during the event.




The beautiful Julie Galindo has been a popular member of the Falken Tires promotional family for quite a few seasons now, always beaming with that scintillating expressive class and elegance that has solidified her stature as one of the Formula Drift circuit’s most glamorous and accommodating live event personalities.  During the event, she would invite attendees to join her in front of the Falken Tire media wall to create a few take-home snapshot memories for the road home.


Randyl Dawn is the most recognized promotional talent associated with the Falken Tires brand today, having represented the company in multiple event circuits and premier extravaganzas since her debut with the team in 2008.  Her consistent appeal stems from the alluring order and sophistication within her nature, a richness of character which often ingratiates her talent and personality towards an expansive live audience.


Monster Energy

Monster Energy Drink is a brand driven by the pursuit of passion, inspiring the next generation of athletes and entertainers to express themselves within a line of energy boosting beverage products, dedicated to reinvigorating the spirit and the human body.


Charmingly alluring in beaming expressive quality formed within energizing grace, Ashley Michaelsen infuses enticing visual charisma into an atmosphere, which consequently enraptures within that same vibrant emotive intrigue found in those popularized conceptions of an ideal summertime beauty.  As a former 1st runner up in the Miss Teen New York USA Pageant along with extensive experience in both print and promotion, she definitely possesses a marketability that transcends various genres of entertainment and media.







Ana Cheri absolutely dazzles through a smooth pristine radiance defined in passionate expressive allure.  Matched with a sensual delicate poise that just breathes enticing style and charisma into a composition or environment, Ana definitely possesses a visual depth and character that has the potential to provide great value within any manner or form of national promotional campaign.


Nexen Tires

Nexen Tires aims to use its quality-driven high performance line of tire products to set a standard for the future of their industry, inspired by a brand culture dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation while motivated to satisfy demand well into the next century.

Erica Leong charms as a brand new addition to the Nexen Tires promotional team this year, conveying smooth tantalizing elegance within the warmth and grace of her presence.






Tailyr Monette returns in her third straight season as a premier Nexen Tires promotional personality for the Formula Drift series.  Visually mesmerizing in brilliant expressive depth and dainty, delicate poise, she exudes a fluid, intuitive charisma within style that captivates through a rich consistency of focus.  Such effortless sophistication and adorability has allowed her to grace the pages of some of the top publications of the automotive culture while allowing her to delve further into the lifestyle and sport she so passionately loves.


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