May 12, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: Women that Make You Look Twice


With hundreds of people wandering around to various attractions and numerous competition cars traveling to and from the tracks, the grounds of Formula Drift Long Beach can be quite overwhelming in activity.  Because of the packed scheduling of a season opening competition and the volume of fans in attendance, there is often a noticeable and consistent shift in the flow and character of the event creating the dilemma of unpredictability, which could impede in the pursuit of experiencing every aspect of the show effectively.  Such conditions. however, provide for the element of adventure, after all.  In the same way a well placed curve upon a course provides the intrigue and suspense for a competitive moment, one can never be sure what’s around the next corner while walking aimlessly in search for some extra excitement.  It might be the same exact scene.  It might be nothing at all.  It might be a skating half pipe.  It could even be that porta potty section you’ve been wondering about.  But then, one could get a little bit lucky and perhaps find something or someone quite intriguing, drawn by the personality and style that makes one feel good about looking twice and patiently waiting.



Sanctiond is the creator of a varied line of car care products built upon a vision inspired by artistic expression and respect towards the passion and spirit of a diverse automotive culture.


Venessa Kanani enraptures through penetrating, seductive attitude formed upon vivid dynamic grace.  She just delivers such force of character within expressive control that is intoxicatingly passionate within focus and form.  With a couple of notable official appearances within the 2013 season already, Venessa is truly one of the more sensually captivating new talents within the Southern California show circuit scenes.






Stylistically charming in vivid expressive depth framed upon passionate intuitive style, Diahann contributes a burst of alluring character and flare into the foreground, which effectively infuses dramatic intrigue into a composition or scene.





Sunisa Kim would make a surprise appearance to the Sanctiond booth during this year’s Formula Drift Long Beach event.  As an international talent well recognized for her work in television, print and live promotion, she brings a wealth of experience to this particular stage, having involved herself within a variety of national marketing campaigns throughout her career.  Shimmering in vivacious expressive elegance defined in sensually dynamic poise, Sunisa completely immerses an environment within the sheer brilliance and sophistication of her character, which often inspires in reverence for the pure glamour and intrigue she is able to influence through her gracious charm and professionalism.




Ford is a leading American manufacturer of dependable, quality automobiles inspired by a tradition of innovation characterized within the fusion of state-of-the-art technology, design and engineering.


Actress and model Aslyn Kay shined as a beacon of charm and hospitality at the Ford booth during the Formula Drift festivities.


Achilles Radial

Achilles Radial is the developer of a quality line of high performance tire products, forged from an emphasis upon advanced technology and process efficiency, fundamental facets that have allowed the company to effectively compete with some of the other leading brands of their industry.

Soothingly alluring in scintillating expressive grace formed upon flowing sophisticated style, Kaylee Alana illuminates an atmosphere through immersing, rich tranquility, which sensually embraces through the gentle warmth and flowing poise inherent within her manner.  It’s this effortless emotive depth and beaming elegance that has essentially made her one of the top promotional figures of the Achilles Radial brand in recent seasons. 



EndThread is an expression of affection for the broad-based automotive lifestyle and culture, translated into the mediums of clothing and merchandise, which effectively convey the passion and enthusiasm of the community.


Sensually radiant in charming expressive glamour, Lissette Medina dazzled as the official spokesmodel for the EndThread brand during the 2013 Formula Drift event in Long Beach.


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