May 10, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: Nitto Tire’s Cover Girls

The Nitto Tires team has been a consistent presence upon the Formula Drift event grounds, acting as a major sponsor and participant within the circuit for many years.  Such a lasting relationship may very well have been born from a congruency in spirit between the two entities.  As Formula Drift did much to expand the once underground drifting craze into a popular nationwide phenomenon, Nitto Tires also finds merit in introducing something new to its particular market.  Through a strong dedication towards innovation and high technology research, the company prides itself in developing some of the most unique and effective conceptions of tire engineering and design, created
specifically to appeal to an automotive enthusiast’s preferences for style and high performance.  Such a brand culture, however, is not solely limited toward the nature and content of their product but also translates to the quality and character of their chosen representation.  With a renowned reputation of standing out from a crowd while finding themselves in the middle of a huge one during the Formula Drift Long Beach event, there was really no better way to achieve the desired effect then to have a couple of beautiful magazine cover girls smiling beside their banners.

Sandra Wong makes her second consecutive appearance within the Formula Drift series, having been featured as a premier promotional personality for the Nitto Tires brand during the circuit’s season finale in 2012 .  Sensually mesmerizing in soothing pristine order framed upon flowing intuitive grace, she always contributes potent enticing elegance towards a composition or scene through a luminous expressive depth within subtlety, which awes in scintillating tranquility and drama.  Such inspiring talent has earned her continuous admiration within the live event circuits as a figure of sophistication within the industry, a reputation which would eventually lead her to grace the cover of Super Street Magazine, one of the top publications of the broad automotive culture.  However, it might very well be her embracing and warm persona within the show circuits that provides her the most accolades, allowing her to sustain and expand upon an ever growing fan base, who affectionate recognize her as one of the most gentle and pleasant personalities active within the scene today.




Elegantly stunning in shimmering charismatic depth defined in delicate sensual control, Adriana Leonard just conveys such pure expressive quality within charming emotive consistency, which truly inspires through an adorable sophistication of character.  There’s just this vigor and spirit within her disposition that effectively directs the mood of a scene through the warmth and expressive conviction of her own intuitive process, an ingratiating stylistic asset which may have effectively landed her a featured cover on an issue of the popular automotive lifestyle magazine DSport.  Such natural dramatic allure could also allude to the unique insight she brings into the role of model and live brand ambassador, having been involved within a variety of projects spanning the realms of theater and television throughout her young career.


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