May 13, 2013

Formula Drift Long Beach 2013: These Girls Got Team Spirit

At first glance, the sport of drifting can resemble something quite individualistic.  Taking notice of the competition format, it’s basically a driver alone in his car against everyone else.  It’s one will versus the other’s ambitions.  It’s a head-to-head battle where one is proclaimed a victor and the other is eventually eliminated from the conversation.  Beyond the surface however lies an intricate support system effectively backing each vehicle unit and driver, composed of brands, sponsors and suppliers excited to see their products and services put to the test and prevail upon a prestigious world stage.  It’s within this team dynamic that each of these individuals and companies correspond and correlate into something quite magnificent such as a major championship title.  Upon the Formula Drift Long 
Beach event grounds, the theme of collaboration would continue to be a major defining factor of the event experience, well exemplified by a couple of unique teams from varying fields of experience who through their common spirit and enthusiasm got everyone pumped with a potent dose of team spirit.

Los Angeles Temptation

The Los Angeles Temptation could very well be the most dominating team in Legends Football League history, having captured three world championships within three consecutive years of official season play.  Stationed directly adjacent to the event entrance, the sports team would do much to energize the crowds for the start of the Formula Drift season while simultaneously promoting their own future undertakings upon the field, as they chase history once again for an unprecedented fourth straight title.

#20 Courtney Pereto, #15 Deidra Pagnanelli, and #13 Monique Gaxiola (ordered as pictured) would smile for a few pictures from fans and attendees at the team’s media wall.



Aussie sensation #7 Chloe Butler brings a fine mix of beauty and talent onto the field, well publicized in her home country and known to her fans within the United States as an inspiring sports personality and champion athlete.



#11 Laura Barba always brings the charisma during a live event, showcasing that depth and determination that lives inside a true warrior.



#18 Ali Ludwig was handed the ball at one point during the show, seemingly unsure what to do with it at first, though her instincts would eventually guide her to some entertaining moments in front of the media wall, which effectively illuminated the charm within the athlete.




#14 Stephanie Psick quickly ran out of poses in front of the multiple flashing lights and cameras, so, therefore, she resorted to some improvised hilarity.





Turbonetics specializes in the development of quality turbochargers and pressure control mechanisms, suited to the needs and preferences of various fields of industry and performance.  Assisting in promoting the brand during the event would be the GXS Motorsports girls, a racing culture promotional team who has had a constant presence upon the grounds of Formula Drift Long Beach throughout the years.




Kelly Gehb charms through sensual intuitive passion, which visually entices in penetrating emotive consistency.




Passionately alluring in soothing expressive grace formed upon dramatic sensual style, Lysandra Ruiz possesses a vivid visual poise that exemplifies her potential within the realm of glamour themed media.




Ji Woo dazzles with a genuine expressive brilliance matched with a fluid sensuality of poise.  There’s this serene emotive purity to her character that just enchants in fine quality.




Rachel Centolella is the most recognizable and longest serving GXS Motorsports talent active today, having appeared at every one of the promotion’s live event appearances for at least the last three seasons.  As a talent, she always infuses within the atmosphere immersing seductive attitude, which intrigues through passionate expressive focus and stylistic flare.


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