May 26, 2013

Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013: Grounds Report


As the weather literally heats up in SoCal in preparation for the beginning of another splendid summer season, the automotive showcase scene follows suit and ignites in vibrant action and activity, well influenced by a barrage of popular annual automotive lifestyle events often set in weekly succession to effectively immerse their dedicated audiences within the culture and spirit they so fundamentally endorse and signify.  Helming this seasonal progression of show spectaculars for 2013 would be Extreme Autofest, a consistently evolving force within the car culture events scene, which has effectively expanded its reach throughout the Southern California region, utilizing a fine fusion of live stage performances and an all inclusive vision of automotive showcase entertainment that allows for the style and creativity of various expertise and backgrounds to effectively shine in harmony upon one expansive show floor.  Along with this diversity comes a uniquely themed element within their programs, which essentially provides variance toward any alternative event experience offered within its genre.  Matched with the talent of some of the most brilliant live event personalities in the country, the atmosphere would become nothing short of fantastical.


General Show Floor

The Extreme Autofest event circuit would make its 2013 debut upon the lots of one of the nation’s most famed spectator destinations, the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, California.  The utilized area would comprise of a long stretch of the venue’s surrounding parking real estate, including designated areas for motorsports demos and lowrider hydraulics competitions.  The show floor itself reflected this very same variety within its displays, catering to import and racing aficionados while allowing for thorough representation of SoCal urban car customization scene.  Within this melting pot of influence, Extreme Autofest has always provided a window into various stylistic avenues, creating an atmosphere suitable for the inclusion of promotional talents from multiple sectors and genres of the modeling world.  Though many of these fine talents would be irregularly scattered throughout the grounds during the course of the event, there were some intriguing elements about the structure and character of the show floor in relation to the people within it that might have caught the attention of attendees during their journey through this year’s Extreme Autofest Anaheim extravaganza, elements of the experience which will be introduced in this coverage segment and explored further in upcoming content.

“Heroes and Villains” Official Model Lounge


Brand Families


Extreme Autofest’s innovative interpretation of the classic model lounge feature has always been well received by dedicated fans of the automotive showcase circuits, effectively influencing a sensory experience that is out of the norm while allowing modeling industry professionals the flexibility and freedom to express themselves within playfully themed concepts and motifs.  With this year’s lounge modeled upon the characters of popular culture superheroes and villains, the show floor would get quite animated, at times, as true talent would find cohesion within various realms of imagination.


The major points of interest at the event involved a significant presence of large promotional teams upon the grounds, defined within their support and association with specific brand named products and marketing services.  Personalities tied with the symbol and culture of these companies have in many ways become synonymous with the character and style of their respective brands, a factor which has made them effective and reliable live brand ambassadors within various venues and tours throughout the years.


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