April 6, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Lounging with the HIN Hotties (Part 3)

With nightfall finally upon the grounds of the Auto Club Speedway, Hot Import Nights continued to generate that unrelenting electricity and excitement the brand has been well renowned for throughout its illustrious history as a prime automotive entertainment outlet.  As the main stage emptied for a break in the action, people turned around to find their immediate environment vividly transformed.  The show displays began to glow and glitter within the full majesty of custom presentation.  The crowds thickened, and the murmur of enthusiasm would become more apparent as the festive nightlife vibe filled the atmosphere.  Much of the crowd’s elation would stem from the full sensual arsenal of the HIN Official Spokesmodels Lounge, which had welcomed more of the scene’s leading and rising superstars to the table in order to spend the night and get to know the fans during the course of the Hot Import Nights Fontana event extravaganza.

HIN Fontana 2013 Official Spokesmodels



Radiantly immaculate though smooth expressive charisma and sophistication, Trinity Dang enthralls with a visual class so rich and pristine in emotive character that it could actually influence the human senses to interpret her presence as a visit from some celestial being.  There’s a flawlessness about her style and manner, which captivates in pure euphoric magnificence from every angle and within any theme.  Such versatility and presence has made her one of the most popular figures of the HIN event tour throughout the 2012 season and provides the reasoning for why her likeness has been utilized within the primary marketing campaigns, promoting this Hot Import Nights Fontana event spectacular.



After a third place finalist finish at the Kuya Model Expo’s Fan Favorite Modeling Competition earlier in the season, Elizabeth Tran continues onward as one of the most promising young stars within the automotive modeling scene.  As a primary live promotional tour talent for the Europrojektz brand in 2012, people were introduced to her embracing vivacious nature, which always warms within the spirit of good humor and amiability.  Such charm and approachability often translates into inspiringly brilliant moments of emotive quality within photography while also possessing the depth and character to infuse scintillating sensuality at any particular moment of time. 



Kimberly Kinsley mesmerizes with a certain attitude within elegance, projecting penetrating  passion through enticing expressive focus while stylistically shimmering in flowing form and poise.  Her innate talent of creating potently seductive visual content in front of a camera is all the more exemplified by her dynamic contributions as a featured go-go dancing performer and competitor throughout the several segments of HIN Fontana’s scheduled stage programming.



Mila De sparkles with a tantalizing expressive adorability, which captivates the senses with such acute emotive purity and enthusiasm that it becomes infinitely difficult to refrain from smiling while in her presence.  She always infuses a welcoming vibrant energy into an event atmosphere, which is often quite animated and unpredictable in charmingly playful improvisation.  For example, many people who frequent the SoCal trade show circuits might remember some of her TMNT cosplay antics throughout the year, which goes to show that with Mila De around, there really isn’t an opportunity for a dull moment.


Alluringly majestic within brilliant expressive elegance and refined statuesque grace, Kay Bae could very well be one of the most visually stunning women of the automotive scene today.  She just presents a certain depth within pure manner and intuition, which is fluid and natural in process while intensely seductive in emotive character.  Along with all that talent, she is also quite the dedicated professional, having travelled approximately 94 miles from an official commitment at the Willow Springs Raceway to the city of Fontana, where her adoring fans awaited her arrival at HIN.  Accommodating and gracious as ever upon entry, her charm and class apparently knows no bounds.




Lux dazzles within the sweetness and character of inviting expressive vivacity.  Her enthusiasm and energy brings something quite refreshing and inspiring to a show atmosphere, effectively enriching the experience for all those involved through sheer brilliance of personality.



Masumi Segawa delivers potent passion through soothing expressive tranquility born from the fine subtleties inherent within her character.  She just absolutely entices through immersing visual intrigue and sensual suspense that is emotively penetrating within a tempting gentleness of manner.


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