April 1, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Dazzling Duos


Entertainment extravaganzas such as HIN Fontana have a tendency to bring people together within the single, unifying goal of celebrating the perks of the human condition. Despite the drudgeries of a heavy work week, the perils of unwanted drama, and the annoyances of non-4G mobile technology, there lies the beacon of hope within that one night and special setting where everyone can just let go of it all and be who they really intend to be. Because people are fundamentally social creatures, such fulfillment often comes through the company of those close and cherished friends. In fact, it was easy to see upon the grounds the presence of certain communities within the community, composed of college roommates, couples, and relatives, all convening upon the lots of the Auto Club Speedway to truly experience what Hot Import Nights was all about. Really, the magic was within each of them all along, as this spirit of camaraderie has been the force that has always sustained the automotive lifestyle scene throughout the years. And because of this, even some of the promotional talent present at the event couldn’t help but become caught up in the mood, as they prepared to party the night away with their own friends and family.

The New BFFs


Emotively intoxicating through sensually expressive depth and delicate, flowing poise, Marie Alvarez always intrigues with a certain gentleness of disposition, which within all its subtly pulsates with immersing emotive force and focused intent.  It’s through this economy within her process that effectively delivers a certain element of passionate suspense into a composition while truly emphasizing her talent within any variety of thematic construct or conception.




Automotive promotional stars Marie Alvarez and Brittani Paige seemed to have developed quite a great friendship throughout the last few months.  Through several working assignments including some fun times during the LA Auto Show last season, their chemistry as a well knit unit seems to be developing quite nicely, as one might observe from some of their fun and energizing photo collaborations at this year’s HIN Fontana Official Spokesmodels Lounge.


Expressively inspiring through penetrating emotive style and unabashed brilliance, Brittani Paige possesses an innate spirit and charisma which is visually invigorating and inspiring.  However, it’s the quality and dynamicity of her character within a live event atmosphere that defines her as a true entertainer.  She has a fresh spontaneity and rawness about her that instantly ingratiates her with a broad-based audience and draws them into utter curiosity.  Sometimes, it seems like she herself doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.  But when it finally does, one can be assured of some of the most memorable, comedic moments of an entire event experience.



Scene Sisters


Claudia Lopez absolutely charms with shimmering expressive adorability.  Such a sensual sweetness and brilliance of character has allowed her to represent the HIN brand as an official event spokesmodel during the company’s last two Southern California tour stops.



Claudia brought her sister to the lounge this time around, keeping the family ties real tight with adjacent seating at the event’s official model lounge.  While Claudia had taken the day shift for photos, so to speak, it was only fitting that sis would take over during the night.



Wendy Lopez infuses a certain twilight luster to the nighttime atmosphere through the influence of enamoring expressive focus framed upon complementary control of form.  There’s just this flowing sensuality within her manner, poise and movement that is quite seductively alluring and emotively powerful.


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