April 5, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Fashion Showcase (Part 2)


The fashion show segment of Hot Import Nights Fontana featured a rich roster of sponsors and presenting clothing lines who dared to challenge and redefine the character of conventional and practical wear, each delivering and projecting its own brand of attitude within the interpretive, stylistic imagery of their creations.  As the featured designs did much to set the mood of the proceeding stage presentation, the talents of some of the scene’s finest young personalities contributed much to the thematic emphasis, as they playfully interacted with the crowds to stimulate their anticipation of things to come.  At HIN, the focus has always been upon the energy within the spectacle, and what possibly could be more spectacular than a healthy dose of charm and sensuality, as the clock ticked closer towards the twilight time?



Ataevius is a brand that brings the conceptions of art, music, and design under the inspiring theme of courage and personal achievement, an idea well represented by the underlying message contained within the symbolism of its insignia.

DownTown Heroes

The Downtown Heroes brand presented a fine array of vibrant printed tops during the Hot Import Nights Fontana Fashion Show, which utilized the contrast of vivid and pastel colors against darker tones, allowing for bold presentations in both design and illustrative artistry.

Pamela Jean Noble

Karina Karma

Ashley Montgomery

2 iLL Clothing

2 iLL Clothing interprets the swagger and attitude of the dynamic urban culture within the technique and creativity of elaborate print design. 


Amanda Kerr

Brii Vanette

Marie Alvarez



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