April 4, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Fashion Showcase (Part 1)

As mentioned earlier in the coverage, Hot Import Nights has been renowned for its consistency in presenting many of the most spectacular stage programs within any major live event circuit active today.  The secret to their creative success lies upon the thematic variance between its main entertainment segments, each catering to the audience’s demand for high-energy performance, glamour and even fashion.  The event tour’s elaborate fashion show presentations have arguably been the most unique and dynamic portion of its stage schedule throughout the years.  At Hot Import Nights Fontana, the segment would yet again have a substantive influence upon the event experience, showcasing fine brand named urban prints and designs which intricately complimented the spirit and attitude of the automotive lifestyle community.  To assist in the proceedings, some of the modeling industry’s finest figures would lend their talents to the stage for a highly anticipated fashion extravaganza that not many would soon forget.


Dre Empire

Dre Empire is a Honolulu based clothing and accessories company specializing in bold print creations that bursts forth through the drama of eye-catching attitude.


Popular BAMMA USA ring girl personality Pamela Jean Noble has found herself on center stage in some form or manner throughout the years, whether it be as a competition winner at the 2012 Fit Expo or as a premier segment host during the Miss Badbeat Pageant at last year’s OC Auto Show.  This time as an on-stage fashion talent, Pamela showcased her prowess as an effective emotive artist, visually intoxicating within expressive depth and balance, which when matched upon her sensual control of poise, created intriguing moments of piercing inspiration.  Overall, Pamela is quite the complete talent.

Ashley Montgomery inspired with refreshing, vibrant energy upon the Hot Import Nights Fontana Main Stage, showcasing an innate charisma framed upon delicate poise, which translated quite charmingly within the colorful motifs and themes presented throughout the course of the fashion segment.


Positive Effect

Positive Effect is a car culture brand dedicated to the promotion of an optimistic and uplifting state of mind within the stylistic medium of print and design.

The mesmerizing style of Marie Alvarez was well received throughout the duration of the HIN Fontana fashion segment.


Expressively radiant in statuesque grace and poise, Amanda Kerr conducts herself with a style and manner that is aesthetically intriguing and powerful within the emotive constructs of form and movement.  Her ability to awe audiences in immersing drama through pure quality of presence has always made her a prime candidate for involvement within any variety of runway presentation.


Karina Karma is a fine young talent who’s been circulating the local SoCal automotive circuits since midseason last year.  She always presents smooth serene character into an environment, which is stylistically elegant within beaming charm and allure.

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