April 3, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Fresh Faces


While many of the established stars of the automotive scene enjoyed the perks of stardom and popularity at the start of a new HIN tour season at the Auto Club Speedway, others, still yearning to make a name for themselves within the industry, found an opportunity to make their presence known to a broader, more expansive audience upon the event grounds of Hot Import Nights Fontana.  Though much of the potential and talent of these dazzling beauties had yet to be fully explored and discovered within the stage of time, these fresh faces were by no means unprepared for the flashing lights and attention that came with being involved with one of the biggest entertainment extravaganzas in the nation.  This coverage segment will place a spotlight on some of these young emerging talents, effectively showcasing some of the qualities and facets which could eventually lead them to greater heights within the profession.

First Mate

To many attendees first entering the event grounds, it seemed odd that a large boat had somehow found its way amongst the displays at HIN Fontana with no large bodies of water in sight.  At Hot Import Nights, however, nobody should expect anything from the ordinary and there was nothing common about the charm and charisma of Unique Tierra, who would work the contours, angles and surfaces of her stranded watercraft with the utmost style, humor and sensuality.

Blonde Ambitions


Glowing in smooth enamoring vivacity, Rachel Parker enthralls with vibrant emotive brilliance born from a clarity and integrity of expression, which is pure and immaculate in presentation.  Such a presence also drew much attention toward the Hot Import Nights main stage when her talents were featured in several go-go dancing performance sets throughout the duration of the show.

The alluring Ashlee Nichole mesmerizes within the tantalizing luster of expressive elegance, all framed within the order of sensual poise and form.  There’s just a certain glamorous flare about her emotive character which is sweetly rich yet passionately dynamic.  Such elements within her character would become apparent within the drama of competition and performance, when she would compete in HIN Fontana’s official go-go dancing competition later on in the show.



Brii Vanette brings fresh enthusiasm into the scene, beaming with unbound youthful energy, which visually intrigues through genuine expressive character and embracing charisma.  The optimism and good cheer she is able to influence upon her immediate environment ultimately optimizes a live event experience and was probably the reason why her talents were utilized at this year’s HIN Fontana Fashion Show.

First Time’s the Charm

Hayle Cayaga captivates within the sweet serenity of charming expressive radiance.  Her innate visual character and manner just exudes potent adorability, which is quite emotively penetrating in its effortless majesty.  Even though this would actually be the first automotive showcase event appearance in her career, she seemed to be getting a lot of attention from the attendees and even amongst her peers.  One of last year’s hottest rising stars actually admitted she was a bit disappointed about missing the opportunity to get a picture with Hayle during the show.  Perhaps such a goodwill gesture is a sign of things to come for this beautiful young starlet.

On the Spot…


At Hot Import Nights, talent can be found anywhere, even from within the crowds.

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