April 10, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Stage Battle Finale

With the final hours of the show upon them, Hot Import Nights Fontana event administrators prepared the stage for the final entertainment segments of the evening, which would feature some of the hottest talent from around the country battling it out, up front and center, for the honor of becoming an HIN tour champion.  The action-packed visual spectacle of the HIN Go-go Dancing Competition would lead off the final proceedings, followed by the allure and glamour of the Miss Hot Import Nights Fontana Pageant.  This section of the coverage will provide a brief summary of all the drama and action that would eventually take place under the lights at the Auto Club Speedway during the first big event extravaganza of the 2013 HIN international tour in Fontana, California.

HIN Fontana 2013 Go-go Dancing Competition

The talented Jenna Lane would act as the master of ceremonies for all featured stage programs and competitions at HIN Fontana.   As a main stage host, she brought refreshing enthusiasm and energy to the position, which charmed all the more through genuine spontaneity and natural comic delivery.  For instance, everyone in the audience got a little taste of her wit and personality during the course her duties, as she mentioned her fondness for turnips.  Of course, someone might start to ponder about the importance of such a vegetable.  Then, it becomes apparent that in everything Jenna does, she’s always ready to “turn up” the action.  Perhaps, someone has spotted the pun by now.


Automotive scene favorites Amy Ames and Raichelle Viado would assist with pre-performance interviews of featured contestants within the HIN Fontana Go-go Dancing Competition.  After a brief introduction of each talent hopeful, the competitors were allowed to move freely upon the stage and showcase their value as quality entertainers in full view of the eager nighttime crowds.


Kimberly Kinsley mesmerized within the flow and form of intricate sensual artistry. 



Mila De




Lena Love



Jasmyn Skye


Ashlee Nichole



Roxy L’Roux always infuses a certain energy and dynamism within the elements of her performance, which effectively exemplify a fine understanding and appreciation for the aesthetic aspects of her craft.


Karina Karma

Seductively passionate in energizing grace and bursting sensuality, Ashlin Tamree Treston got the stage rocking to her rhythm towards the end of the night, winning her the admiration and vocal accolades of the crowds, which effectively earned her the 2013 HIN Fontana Go-go Dancing Competition Title.


2013 Miss HIN Fontana Pageant

The event’s premier beauty segment, the Miss HIN Fontana Pageant, presented a stunning ensemble of talent composed of some of today’s most admired figures with many of tomorrow’s most promising stars.  The victor of such a competition would most likely go on to become a new leading personality within the import modeling scene with the prestige and history of the Hot Import Nights banner perched proudly behind her.

Contestants would include:

Hayle Cayaga

Angel Kyoko

Fines Pena

Masumi Segawa

Lovely Rachelle

Lea Anne

and many more…




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