October 24, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: Models Walk the Runway for Nordstrom


Department store giant Nordstrom would be one of the major presenting companies during the Style Week OC Collection Runway Show in Fashion Island, and as usual, the brand would captivate the crowds in a sterling display of elaborate ensembles directed towards adding a little shimmer and pizzazz to the various modes of living.  One might be looking for an eye-catching array of contrasting color and pattern, while others find preoccupation within the sheer shimmer of metallic gold and silver, framing a certain dimension within design.  Whatever concept or theme effectively suits one’s fancy, Nordstrom’s lineup would satisfy such a demand through the depth of its featured selections and applications, allowing for some of the modeling industry’s finest young figures to effectively allure the crowds in a captivating procession of vividly sophisticated fashion.


2013 Fashion Island Collection Runway Show (Continued)

Ragan would dazzle in this Nordstrom layered ensemble during this Fashion Island portion of the Style Week OC production, utilizing the soothing order of her disposition to essentially highlight the contrasting tones and textures of the featured outfit.


Brianna Barnes would absolutely captivate in this featured Nordstrom ensemble for Style Week OC, effectively expressing a shimmering confidence and poise which utterly emphasized the stylistic depth within the contrasting pattern and color schemes of this combination.


Jas A. would assist Nordstrom in presenting its conception of the style conscious businesswoman during this segment of the Style Week OC presentation at Fashion Island.  Such would be a vision quite vividly adorned in the rich golden luster of immersing elegance.


Amber Lindauer would charm the crowds during this featured Style Week OC segment for Nordstrom, flaunting a vivid floral print top, effectively accentuated in the elegance and order of solid black framed upon fluid posture.


Bianca Palmerin (above) would beam with a little extra vivacity in this Style Week presentation for Nordstrom, effectively complimenting the spirit within the colored highlights, contrasting textures and framed abstract conceptions that dominate this featured ensemble.


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