September 9, 2013

DUB Show Anaheim 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Ashley Harrell


2Crave Wheels thrives through a brand culture dedicated to redefining the concept of sophistication within an allure for originality.  Such is a primary facet of their identity as an organization that seeks to provide their customers with a truly distinct experience, whether that be realized through the implemented detail and craftsmanship of their varied line of products or exemplified within a quality approach of engaging an audience upon a premier show floor.  At DUB Show Anaheim 2013, this emphasis upon an encompassing vision of live event entertainment would lead them to further expand their promotional efforts upon the ground with the lovely Ashley Harrell providing for that freshness of personality and talent, which would significantly contribute towards the effectiveness of their presentation throughout the day.  Having debuted within the automotive scene less than a month prior to this event, Ashley would undoubtedly be relatively new to the industry though further revelations of her professional background and aspirations would tell much of her potential for further success as an effective promotional ambassador within the scene and industry.




Ashley Harrell absolutely inspires through an elegant expressive vivacity defined within sweet intuitive poise.  She just exudes a clarity and integrity of natural charisma that elevates the mood within any scene or atmosphere, a quality to her talent which could translate quite nicely upon any variety of live promotional platforms, as well as premier pageantry runways.


During the course of conversation at the DUB Show, it was discovered that she would actually find her start within the industry upon the pages of Maxim, featured in the publication’s “Beautify America” series for its editorial spotlight on the women of Las Vegas.  With a deep appreciation for the experience, she moved forward into the realms of promotional modeling in an effort to expand her presence within the field.  Her approach towards her future progression in the industry is heavily influenced by a certain professional humility, characterized in a thorough embrace of the various trade and showcase genres, as she hopes to leave no stone unturned, so to speak, in her willingness to diversify her resume within several markets.  With that said, working with 2Crave Wheels for the past couple of months has only further developed her enthusiasm and appreciation for the automotive sector and attributes a fondness for the people of the scene as a primary factor.


Alongside some of 2Crave Wheel’s featured custom car and modified vehicle displays, Ashley Harrell would further emphasize her value as a unique and intriguing automotive scene figure and personality.


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