March 4, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: Girls of the Glamour Scene (Part 2)

The 2013 Kuya Model Expo introduced fans to some of the hottest female models in the country, providing the attendees a first look into the next wave of glamour personalities, which could potentially impact the world of promotional and creative media in the near future. Multitalented within various fields of expertise, some of the featured talents of the show were also happy to share the details on some of their alternative projects and exploits, expressing their dedication and passion towards the entertainment industry in general. Overall, the show’s roster provided great insight into the character and direction of the various scenes within the professional modeling field.

Alexa Bella was charmingly enthusiastic during the Kuya Model Expo, attending one of the first glamour meet-and-greet events of her career. Nerves didn’t seem to be a factor, however, as she allowed her creative process to dictate the mood and atmosphere of the moment. Mesmerizing with smooth yet penetrating emotive depth, established by the cohesion of sensual flow and focus, she effectively immersed her audience within the enrapturing embrace of potent passion.





Nikki Diazconti dazzles with such fine expressive control that inspires potent emotive intrigue through the interplay of enticing subtlety and genuine brilliance, all of which might very well get a person to belt out her first name like a Dave Grohl rendition of “Darling Nikki.” Her invigorating seductive charisma ultimately flows within the form of scintillating, stylistic sophistication, which in combination defines her true talent within the fashion and glamour realms of the industry.



Fatal Muse Creations and Events, LLC.


Fatal Muse Creations and Events is driven by a mission of providing memorable sensory spectacles and vivid visual experiences through their extensive special effects, professional makeup, and live event talent services.


As owner and lead stylist of Fatal Muse Creations and Events, Melissa Capistrano knows how to make things look good either in film or live in living color. As an event model, Melissa does just that, all through the quality and charm of her character. She can infuse dynamic, inspiring spirit into any given moment through the openness and clarity inherent within her visual identity, which utterly entertain through instances of passionate majesty, radiant adorability and, at times, ingratiating comedy. It’s this emotive versatility that an event attendee or photographer finds the most intriguing, as she delves further into the broad stylistic depths of her expressive talent.


Alexis Carrington Rosales was also hanging out at the Fatal Muse Creations and Events table during the Kuya Model Expo. Expressively soothing in fine elegant allure, Alexis gleamed within a romantic sensual grace and style, which left many attendees passionately awestruck.


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