February 28, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Amanda Kerr


Amanda Kerr introduced herself to the automotive community via local Fontana Nissan dealership meets in San Bernardino, California before becoming a major showcase circuit regular during the 2012 event season. Her steady rise in this sector of the modeling industry has been characterized by the unique stature and visual presence she contributes to an event atmosphere or composition. Scintillatingly dramatic in sensually inspiring grace, Amanda glows with a statuesque elegance defined in the lines and contours of fine aesthetic intuition. She just dazzles within the fluid purity of movement and poise that makes her stylistically complementary to any thought-provoking, thematic constructs of visual art. As a result, she’s developed a broader interest in the modeling field, hoping to explore more avenues within the automotive, fashion, and glamour realms in the near future. The following is a pictorial spotlight of this amazing talent, showcasing those aforementioned qualities that make Miss Amanda Kerr a true visual delight.



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