March 31, 2013

Hot Import Nights Fontana 2013: Floor Report

The Hot Import Nights brand has been a revolutionary force in automotive lifestyle entertainment, effectively fusing elements of the urban nightlife scene with the inspiration and style of the car culture phenomenon. Over the years, the action-packed character and dimension of HIN’s live event tour has delivered to its loyal audiences a unique perspective of the import showcase scene, one undeniably forged by creative expression, illuminated within the spirit and personality of those who passionately support the community. Likewise, the dawning of yet another event season presented another opportunity for HIN to introduce yet another innovative, fresh experience for its enthusiastic attendees, teaming up with
NASCAR at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California to provide fans with unprecedented access to the Royal Purple 300 racing spectacular. In effect, the 2013 Hot Import Nights tour season opener was poised to provide for one of the most complete automotive entertainment and competitive sports packages in recent history. The experience itself would be all the more majestic.  Much of the magic moments in the coming twilight, however, would be heavily attributed to the talent and character of the top names within the automotive modeling industry, as they hoped to celebrate a brand new event season with their fans during the first big import showcase extravaganza of the year.

Hot Import Nights Fontana was stationed in the Auto Club Speedway’s Lot 1 area, adjacent to the entrance of the facility’s main tracks, where the competition blistered during the course of the weekend’s scheduled NASCAR competitions. The location and proximity would have allowed a race fan to make an easy transition towards the event grounds after a long day of spectating with no inconveniences of overlapping schedules, positioning HIN Fontana as a sort of in-site after party for those willing to go on into the night. Once inside, a fan and enthusiast would find the nodes of interest easy to find with a coherent layout which made navigating simple for optimal enjoyment. The major elements of Hot Import Nights Fontana, as it pertains to the modeling industry, are introduced in the following breakdown.

Official Model Lounge and Vendor Booths

Those wishing to meet and greet their favorite modeling personalities would eventually find themselves at the centrally-located official model lounge. Some of the hottest talents of print and promotion from all around the continent would station themselves there throughout the course of the show, making it an entertaining home base for fans wandering around the grounds between main stage presentations and competitions. In addition, several brand booths were scattered throughout the HIN show grounds, which created the opportunity for some fun chance encounters with many of the industry’s established stars.

Main Stage Entertainment Segments

Hot Import Nights has a reputation of conducting some of the most dynamic stage programs in the automotive showcase scene, featuring the talents of premier DJ’s and dance troops in conjunction with live fashion and pageant presentations, which often awe within the fine fusion of style and scintillating sensuality.
Fashion Show Go-go Competition Miss HIN Pageant

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