February 9, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: BodySpace Spokesmodel Finals (Part 1)


Housed under the banner of BodyBuilding.com, BodySpace is the leading online community for fitness enthusiasts to share their stories with likeminded individuals for the purpose of motivating and educating each other further in the processes of the health-driven lifestyle. Every year at the Los Angeles Fit Expo, BodySpace holds a special main stage segment featuring their most admired and accomplished members, giving the chosen hopefuls a chance to compete for prime spokesperson positions representing the community brand. Along with roles in a multitude of live promotional events and national ad campaigns under the BodyBuilding.com umbrella, winners would also receive a featured cover spot on an issue of Iron Man Magazine, which has always been a major sponsor of the event segment throughout the years. The top five women of BodySpace would be the first to grace the stage in the competition proceedings. The following is how the segment unfolded.

Bodybuilding.com sponsored athlete Lauren Abraham took the lead in the introductions as one of the special guest hosts of the stage segment.  Visually mesmerizing in sleek elegance, Lauren further intrigued the audience with the energy and wit of her delivery.


IFBB Pro and Fitness model Tabitha Klausen-Leandri was the first contestant to step out on stage charming the crowds with spirited, infectious energy framed upon sensual style.  She’s another fitness pro who admits struggling through some health-related issues in the past, crediting the fitness lifestyle as a source of inspiration and eventual transformation.


IFBB Bikini Competitor Rachelle Dejean enthralled with enchanting smooth radiance, which all the more complimented her fine control and form upon the stage.


Jessie Hilgenberg captivated the audience with a brilliance of expressive grace matched with inspiring definition, which told much of her dedication and pride toward her professional status within the IFBB Figure Division.



Alluring with embracing expressive spirit, Karina Baymiller beamed with enthusiasm in front of the entire fitness community, showcasing the results of what a healthy, fit way of living has allowed her to achieve and could provide others, if they so desired it.


Shimmering in expressive brilliance, Samantha Ann Leete tantalized the audience with a sweet subtlety that was soothingly alluring through innate grace of form.



Four-time Mr. Natural Universe Mike O’Hearn has always been a popular co-host of this competition, returning once again this year to ask the contestants about their future aspirations upon winning the contest.

With all the women contestants returning backstage, as final judging would take place at a later time, the presenters prepared themselves to introduce the male BodySpace Spokesmodel contenders set to come out during the next cycle of the competition.


Coverage of the Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013 continues next…

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