February 7, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Beauties at the Booths (Part 3)


The fitness community has always been characterized by a strong cohesion amongst professionals and enthusiasts, forged by stories of individual triumphs and tribulations, which often influence the lifestyle genesis of another. Because of this, there is a deep sense of respect and camaraderie that permeates the atmosphere of events like the Los Angeles Fit Expo, evident in a highlight reel of humorous, light-hearted moments and fond get-togethers.

Fit Gum

Fit Gum is a revolutionary brand of chewing gum which actually acts as a nutritional supplement for metabolizing body fat in conjunction with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  While the product itself is sugar free, the ladies at their booths tend to be some of the sweetest personalities on the live fitness circuits.

Through enrapturing elegant charisma framed within tantalizing sensual grace, Kiearah Figueroa captivated as an irresistible promotional force at the Fit Gum Booth this year.  Her innate sense and intuition in front of the camera definitely transformed her booth into a momentary photo studio, and she had fun with that.

Trang Grider was absolutely enthralling with soothing expressive style and poise, which infused into the hearts of many that sudden potent passion for some Fit Gum.




Alluringly adorable in sweet, enticing charm, Edwina Cheer was truly an energizing presence on the convention floor.  Within the fitness industry, she is a top ranked NPC national bikini competitor and sponsored athlete of Muscle Club Apparel.  She also takes the time to advise women in their concerns with fitness through her affiliation with the Bikini Booty Club.  Taken together with a history in arts and performance, operating as a model and actress across three different continents, Edwina is a talent that is constantly and consistently evolving.

Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

The Ronnie Coleman name stands for the excellence in physique and fitness.  With the namesake of the brand winning a record of eight Mr. Olympia titles, it is sure to have a supplement product selection that provides for the pinnacle in nutritional quality, suited to reward the work ethic of the most dedicated and motivated athlete.

The beautiful Crystal Snyder was on hand at the Ronnie Coleman booth sporting her elegant signature series blue dress.  Visually immaculate through soothing style and beaming expressive vivacity, the OTM Fight Shop manager was an enchanting figure that drew many eyes toward her booth.

Evogen Nutrition


Evogen Nutrition revolutionizes the sports supplement industry with an emphasis on high-performance results engineered through profound prowess in biotechnology and nutritional science.


IFBB Bikini competitor Christie Marquez was quite beguiling in her branded little black dress, which accentuated the charming brilliance and spirited character that made Christie a pleasing and popular figure at the Evogen booth during that day.

IFBB Pro Steve Kuclo joined Christie for a brief photo op a little later.  They were acting as co-representatives for the Evogen brand during the day, and they were really enjoying the prospect of meeting all the fans and enthusiasts during the show.

Christie wanted a photo with her trainer and coach Kim Oddo before the cameras moved on.

ALLMAX Nutrition


ALLMAX Nutrition is dedicated to the quality manufacturing of nutritional supplement products for the purposes of serving motivated amateur and professional athletes in achieving the results that they require or desire.

Mesmerizing in visual brilliance and infectious, invigorating charisma, Katie Elkins has that ideal balance of presence and personality which would be marketable in any number of fitness publications.  She just exudes a natural appeal that effectively engages a mass audience.

Katie was getting a bit giddy alongside fellow ALLMAX Pro Mark Anthony at their booth during the event.  This is the true picture of team spirit.

Maximum Human Performance (MHP)

The goal of of MHP is as simple as the meaning behind the acronym, driven by the implementation of dedicated research and scientific knowledge in the production of high-grade supplementation for the purpose of maximizing human performance.

NPC Bikini Competitor Alicia Melelani Girvan is a regular presence at the MHP booth during the Los Angeles Fit Expo.  Glowing with sweet and subtle charm, Alicia always inspires curiosity about the delicious goodness of that Power Pak Pudding through her creatively cute product presentation style.

P28 Foods

P28 Foods is the creator of an innovative, high protein bread product, balanced with the necessary ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of a high performance athlete or fitness lifestyle enthusiast.

NPC Bikini competitor Isabella Ferrari dazzled with embracing expressive character, which did much to welcome the many visitors of the P28 Foods booth during the Fit Expo.


Champion IFBB Fitness pro Camala Rodriguez showed a few of her modeling and competition poses live at the event, enlivening the mood with vibrant enthusiasm and good-humored energy.

Oh Yeah! Nutrition


Oh Yeah! Nutrition thrives at being the subject of everyone’s exclamation through a variety of nutritional snacks, powders and shakes that provide a structured nutritional base for building lean mass, while also indulging the taste buds in the pleasures of fine flavor.

Ravishing in sweet warmth and shimmering expressive elegance, Amanda Adams is an official promotional personality for the Oh Yeah! Nutrition brand who has also been featured in several prestigious fitness magazines during the course of her career.  As a person who struggled early on with her health and confidence, she hopes now to inspire people to accept a healthier lifestyle through fitness and nutrition, a path she so eloquently details on her website.  One could just immediately notice the benefits of such a transformation by witnessing her playfully amusing antics during the event.  People just have so much more fun when they're fit.

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