February 13, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Iron Man Magazine Naturally Bikini Championships (Part 2)


As the competition continued, honor would be given to those who rose amongst their peers to claim recognition as the best in their respective classes, an achievement well earned though the rigors of persistent and dedicated training. But just as easily as one milestone is attained, the possibility of yet another soon presents itself. In a sport and culture which encourages one to be their very best, one starts to wonder what the pinnacle of their capabilities truly are. And so they elevate their focus and look forward, where the ambition tends to be grander towards that final curtain call with a firm grasp of that precious overall glory.

Open Bikini Class B (5’4” to 5’6”)

Heather Stephenson

Victoria Gusto

Brittany Armstrong brought some sunshine into the convention center with inspiringly energetic charisma.

Frida Sjostrom enchanted with such statuesque grace and brilliant emotive character that her presence instilled a certain level of reverence within the crowd, all intrigued by the sheer quality of her being.


Katie Jodscheidt charmed with an embracing, vibrant spirit, which complimented her strong yet soothingly flowing form and poise.



Michele Messina approached her time at the stage with a certain control and order, which showcased the full essence of her character and sensuality through her dynamic physique.

Ginny Marie Hope enlivened the audience with brilliant active charisma that simultaneously allured with enamoring natural sweetness.


A delicate beauty tantalizing in chic poise and style, Cecilia Aleman truly dazzled on stage.

As one might deduce from her lively smile, Nikki Reddix was excited and eager in anticipation for the results to be called out.

Open Bikini Class B Results:

Fifth Place:  # 90  Nikki Reddix
Fourth Place:  # 92  Frida Sjostrom
Third Place:  # 78  Victoria Gusto
Second Place:  # 88  Brittany Armstrong
Open Bikini Class B Champion:  Michele Messina


Open Bikini Class C (Over 5’6”)


Lisa Lamazzi Nilsson



Kimberly Ann Ferrari came out front and center, enjoying the vocal admiration she was getting for her obvious accomplishments in physical fitness.

Enrapturing in sweet expressive vivacity, Orianna Orsi has an innate presence that is emotively inspiring.  Matched with her statuesque form and sensually dynamic physical character, she is a true image of women’s health and fitness.  Now, isn’t there a publication on that?

Sonjia Shaw sparkled in shimmering serene elegance, which was all the more illuminated through her gentle, adorable charisma and refined manner.


Loni Christine Willison was easily the most seductive figure on stage during the competition.  The scintillating combination of immersing expressive depth and flowing sensual poise just breathed passion into the atmosphere.

Rachel Schwartz came to the stage eager to meet the crowds, projecting to all inspiring energy and genuine enthusiasm, to which the crowds responded quite favorably.


Open Bikini Class C Results:

Fifth Place:  # 100  Rachel Schwartz
Fourth Place:  # 93  Orianna Orsi
Third Place:  # 91  Kimberly Ann Ferrari
Second Place:  # 98  Sonjia Shaw
Open Bikini Class C Champion:  # 94  Loni Christine Willison


Soon after, all the runner-ups left the stage and the contenders for the overall honors gathered for the final contest, which would be fully composed of the best talent from each of the specified competitive classes.  The qualified contestants would include Master’s Bikini and Open Bikini Class A Champion Bam Bridges, Open Bikini Class B Champion Michele Messina, and Open Bikini Class C Champion Loni Christine Willison.  This piece of still photography is quite reflective of the time during the final deliberation, as the mood intensified with suspense and the hopefuls were literally in the spotlight.  Time seemingly stood still during this crucial moment, and then suddenly came to life upon the realization of victory.

Open Bikini Overall Results:

Third Place:  # 94  Loni Christine Willison
Second Place:  # 73  Bam Bridges
Open Bikini Overall Champion:  # 97  Michele Messina


All the champions from each division gathered at the main stage for the final portion of the competition, which was dedicated to the praise and appreciation of this year’s contest victors. 

Iron Man Magazine Naturally Champions:

Men’s Overall Champion:  Lamir McQueen
Women’s Open Figure Overall Champion:  Holly Semanoff
Women’s Open Bikini Overall Champion:  Michele Messina
Men’s Physique Overall Champion:  Julian Grubbs
Novice Men’s Overall Champion:  Alex Tarpinian

Congratulations to all the winners and contestants for a splendid performance!


Coverage of the Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013 continues next…

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