February 14, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Beauties at the Booths (Part 5)


As another exciting event day winded down, lines dwindled and the once busy crowds began to give way. The atmosphere at the show became all the more relaxed with competition contenders and newly crowned champions, visiting loved-ones and their sponsor booths, expressing their heartfelt enthusiasm and gratitude. One could even hear the murmur of conversation with spikes of laughter from the booth attendants themselves, as they felt the calm of the closing hours amongst them. Fans and enthusiasts huddled up in packs along the edges, trying to take in all the great things they saw during the day, at times, even talking about the next adventure. That was no reason to pack the bags just yet, however, as most of the time, the extra space does tend to provide for some interesting and surprising chance encounters.

Competition Main Stage


Sonjia Shaw was greeted by numerous friends and family members after winning a second place prize at the Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships within its Open Bikini Class C Division.  This pretty much sums up how much the achievement meant to her.  She was absolutely beaming with enthusiasm.

F3 Nutrition

F3 Nutrition caters to a need for safe, reliable nutritional supplementation, which effectively assists in an athlete’s high performance objectives.

F3 Nutrition had some charming representation at their booth during the course of the day.


Big John’s MMA Fight Club App

Any MMA fan would be familiar with the expertise and experience of Big John McCarthy within the octagon.  After all, he is one of the sport’s most recognized fight officials.  Because of his status as a referee, he really can’t get into any specific fight predictions, but throughout the years, he’s formed a rapport with some of the best fighters and octagon analysts of the sport.  This app will allow MMA enthusiasts to challenge these experts and even their friends for bragging rights to the title of best combat sports analyst ever.


Intoxicatingly sweet in brilliant expressive allure, Samantha Valencia charms as the app’s official live and online spokesmodel.




Sabrina V.

Christiana M.

Jel Sert


Jel Sert, known as a leading producer of colorfully fun snacks and beverages, showcased its recent acquisition of a trio of functional product lines, which included the vitamin and mineral drink Super C, energy drink Pure Kick, and the Zoic nutritional beverage line.

Charise Parra hopes to inspire all women in pursuing a balanced diet and active lifestyle through her online movement Phat Mom Fitness, which details suggestions on workouts and recipes, especially catered to the postpartum fitness challenges and everyday routines associated with being a mother.  After giving birth herself, facing the same challenges, and now becoming a lead promotional personality for a prestigious company within one of the largest fitness conventions in the world, there should be no doubt of her knowledge and understanding on the subject.

Iron Man Magazine

Since 1936, Iron Man Magazine has been a leading motivational and informational source for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts in the matters of nutrition, physical routine and professional competitive sport.  The magazine sponsored a majority of the main stage competitions of the Los Angeles Fit Expo. which included the BodySpace Spokesmodel Search Final and, of course, the Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships.



One of the major surprises at the Los Angeles Fit Expo was the sighting of Alex Zerega at the Iron Man Magazine Booth.  At this time, she had just finished several autograph sessions, but as usual, Alex was happy to hang out for a while longer in order to accommodate some of her fans and the content of this coverage.  Alex always charms with natural spirited enthusiasm, which energizes the atmosphere in pure optimism.  One always feels the welcome of her embracing warmth and attention, which adds to the overall quality of experience at her booth.  She is definitely one of the finest brand ambassadors upon any show floor.

Muscle Egg

Muscle Egg has effectively developed a hassle-free and cost-effective liquid egg white product, which is fully pasteurized for direct consumption while also easy to cook.

While Muscle Egg had their human-sized rooster mascot roaming around the convention floor doing exercise program routines, a few of the brand’s hot chicks were attending to their home base.  Nichol Heltmach was one of those lovely representatives.  She really shined with an expressive adorability and glamorous warmth, which made everyone feel welcome at her station.

Pure Protein

Pure Protein offers deliciously nutritious, protein-packed snack alternatives through its varied product lines including bars, beverages, and gelatins, which assist in an athlete’s goals of maintaining and sustaining lean mass and efficient performance.


Though this coverage is primarily focused on the individual promotional modeling talent at the Los Angeles Fit Expo, the energetic spirit of the Pure Protein crew was hard to ignore.



BodyBuilding.com has a mission of providing the widest selection of sports nutrition products through an efficient shopping experience within it’s online cyberstore while supporting the fitness culture as a leading informational resource and motivational forum through interactive elements such as the BodySpace community.  The site’s fame in the fitness world, as well as the quality of talent that stand proudly beside its banner, have historically produced some of the most congested situations within the Los Angeles Fit Expo, due to the massive meet-and-greet lines formed by the enthusiastic fans themselves, which often stretch across and around the massive convention hall.  When the line finally dissipated, a couple familiar faces came into view.


WBFF Pro and fitness columnist Ashley Horner shines with a shimmering, sleek focus and character that just enraptures and inspires with the pure force of presence.  It’s this photogenic quality combined with her magnificent physique, which makes her a prime choice for any number of fitness-related media campaigns.  As a live event persona, one can immediately sense her amiable appreciation for the recognition fans have had for her journey.  It’s this same encompassing talent and glow, which propelled her into the top contending spots of last year’s Fit Expo competitions, where she clinched the third place honor at the 2012 BodySpace Spokesmodel Finals.



The enchanting Kathleen Tesori is one of the most gorgeous personalities in the fitness industry today with a varied resume spanning several scenes and sectors within the promotional realm through previous associations with brands such as Pirelli Tires and Hawaiian Tropic.  Within the fitness scene, she has been a leading promotional figure for Flex Magazine with multimedia features in numerous publications and sites such as Muscle & Fitness.  As a current BodyBuilding.com brand ambassador and 2011 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search Second Place Finalist, her presence was a definite source of motivation for those waiting in the long, winding lines leading toward her booth.  Upon speaking with this brilliant talent, one would discover that she never really thinks of herself as a famed persona or celebrity, even when people tend to grant her that honor.  Her main motivation has always been to help others adapt into the healthy, fit lifestyle, which she so genuinely endorses.  That’s always been enough for her.  Shooting with her, however, highlights this innate talent as a star modeling personality through the scintillating passionate depth and embracing expressive vivacity within her character.


And so, the fun never stops at the Los Angeles Fit Expo.


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