February 12, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Iron Man Magazine Naturally Bikini Championships (Part 1)


The Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships is the longest running stage attraction during the Los Angeles Fit Expo with several qualifying and main round segments scheduled throughout the course of its designated day of competition. People from all around the world would contend in different groups or classes based on height, weight or age brackets within the specialized categories of figure, bikini, and male physique, educating an attentive audience with the experience of a professionally formatted fitness contest. In a way, competitions such as these provide great insight for other professionals within other sectors of the modeling industry, as these athletes have trained long and hard in understanding the fine mechanics of poise and presence, discovering for themselves how it all relates to their very own bodies. To provide an example of what the competition had to offer, the following is a look back at the bikini class competitions of this year’s Fit Expo, featuring some amazing athletes and talents currently active within the fitness scene.


Masters Bikini Class

Lisa Lamazzi Nilsson returned to the stage for this segment after participating in the Fit Girl Wear Fashion Show earlier in the day.



Linda Eaton


Victoria Gusto was working the crowds with some of her fiery charisma.


Heather Stephenson seemed to be really enjoying her time on stage, always flashing sweet smiles back at her adoring audience.


Masters Bikini Results:

Fifth Place:  #70  Heather Stephenson
Fourth Place:  # 72  Eloisa Smith
Third Place:  # 68  Tammie Sandigo
Second Place:  #78  Victoria Gusto
Masters Bikini 1st Place Champion:  #73  Bam Bridges



Open Bikini Class A (Up to 5’4”)

Sahara Walsh

Katie Oliveira took a moment to give the people and judges something to think about.


Amber Brubeck pleased the crowds in brilliant amiable grace while captivating with enamoring form.

Danielle Ibarra enthralled with rich sophisticated brilliance framed within a smooth sensuality of poise.

Beaming in chic expressive character and sleek, smooth poise, Gabriella Coreas was one of the contestants that effectively exposed the correlation between style and fitness.




Jennifer Star Santos absolutely charmed the crowds with her radiant enthusiasm, which accentuated her natural style and grace upon the stage.  Her appreciation and openness with the audience made for some interesting photographic moments and opportunities.

Gina Leslie wanted to give everyone a flying kiss for all their support during the competition.



Danielle Wolfe energized the crowds with bursting spirit infused with potent, intoxicating allure. 


The crowds erupted at the sight of Brooke Van Asch, who brought a brand of mesmerizing sensual charisma to the stage and left the audiences eager for more.


Bam Bridges captivated audiences throughout many of the competition segments with a character and poise defined in fine elegant lines, which intrigued within an aesthetic level.  She just seemed to mimic the form and class of an interpretive dancer out there.

Open Bikini Class A Results:

Fifth Place:  # 85 Gabriella Coreas
Fourth Place:  # 83  Jennifer Star Santos
Third Place:  # 81  Danielle Ibarra
Second Place:  # 79  Katie Oliveira
Open Bikini Class A Champion:  #73  Bam Bridges

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