February 6, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: The Fit Expo Fashion Show (Part 1)

The Fit Girl Wear Fashion Show is the premier fashion segment of the Fit Expo, showcasing a variety of designs inspired by the vision and direction of Ms. Fitness America Sherry Goggin. To fully emphasize the style and character of her creative line, Sherry often employs the assistance of some of the industry’s hottest talents, showing how Fit Girl Wear truly honors the fitness lifestyle in all aspects and modes of performance, while infusing refreshing flavor into the sensory equation through vivid prints and patterns, adorned in scintillating metallic highlights. To illustrate, the following is a pictorial of the presentation proceedings.
Men’s wear in this coverage portion is provided by Max Out or Get Out Clothing.

Sherry Goggin was looking absolutely stunning in her shimmering gold gown, as she took control of the microphone to provide commentary for her special event segment.


2010 Fitness America Pageant Champion Jupinko has quite a commanding stage presence, born from a combination of form and spirit that is just aesthetically magnificent.

An experienced professional dancer and entertainer, Amy Zeal was easily one of the most charismatic performers on stage at this year’s Fit Girl Wear Fashion Show, showing off a few moves from her routines to enthrall the crowds with enamoring charm and grace.

Dena Anne Weiner was definitely one of the most decorated fitness figures present at this year’s LA Fit Expo with accomplishments ranging from gold medal performances at events such as the Natural Fitness Olympia to victories at competitions like the Ms. Fitness Universe Pageant.  Her deep background and experience in gymnastics is always incorporated as a fun, unique element within the Fit Girl Wear Fashion show year after year.

FitnessX Magazine Cover Model Mary Kaminski, NPC Champion Juan M. Calderon Rivera and the lovely Danielle Marie Gomez collaborated as a finely tuned fashion crew while also infusing a little humor into the situation at the opportune times.

World champion bodybuilder Rado Pagac teamed up with multi-divisional competitor Laurie Delaney on stage to wow the attentive audience with the fashion side of physique.

The serene brilliance of Virginia Toth absolutely mesmerized with intoxicating statuesque glamour.  The ladies probably took a liking to fitness enthusiast and trainer Jesse Gaynor as well, making their pairing a prime stage attraction throughout the segment.

Jeanette Ortega is a successful industry personality responsible for popular fitness initiatives such as the Extreme Results Fitness Studio and Jeanette Ortega’s Fitness Boot Camp.  The results of her lifestyle philosophy were evident on the stage that day, as she continues to be one of the most elegantly alluring figures of the fitness world.

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