February 3, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Beauties at the Booths (Part 1)

This year’s Fit Expo Los Angeles featured a packed vendor village, which displayed a wide variety of products and services catering to anything and everything involving fitness, nutrition, and competitive sports fandom. Often times, a simple turn at a corner would reveal something fun and fascinating for the curious and attentive event attendee. Taking in the energy of the packed convention hall as well, the booth representatives themselves found it equally difficult to resist the absolute thrill of the moment.




When it comes to technology and innovation, X-Pole has been a significant force in the contemporary mainstream progression of pole fitness, delivering their brand of conditioning and performance to an ever expanding general audience.

Assisting with presentations at the Evolution Fitness stage, Xpert Pole Fitness instructors Reiko Makino (left) and Jennifer Kim (center) along with Casey of Crunch(right) also helped in answering inquiries about the products at the primary X-Pole booth.  Of course, demonstrations tend to explain a lot more than words.



Grapple Grip

Grapple Grip is a product specifically designed to increase the neuro-muscular strength and endurance of one’s gripping capacity, specifically suited to the needs of the avid jiu-jitsu or wrestling practitioner.  When asked for a demonstration, the promotional team was happy to oblige.  And so, the grapple grip battle of the sexes ensued.

And here of course is the after-workout photo op of the lovely lady of the booth.

Advanced Nutrient Science International (ANSI)

With a mission of providing beneficial nutritional options to a serious athlete, the company has produced widely used products such as the flavorful Protein Ice beverages, the Flurry Bars, and the Xtreme Shock line in order to maximize the human body’s natural performance.

At their booth during the Fit Expo in LA was the lovely Danielle Marie Gomez, who was awaiting the start of the Fit Girl Wear Fashion Show, set to begin later that afternoon.  Soothing in adorable brilliance and pure appeal, it’s not that hard to see why Danielle was chosen to participate in the Fit Expo’s premier fashion segment.

Joining her at the ANSI booth a bit later was the gorgeous Sherry Goggin, who was actually doing double duty with ANSI and her own fashion product line booth at the Fit Expo.  Much more on Sherry in later updates.

Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA Gym

Bas Rutten is definitely one of the most legendary fighters of combat sports.  Since then, he’s taken his success and that trademark charisma to new heights as an owner of a popular MMA gym, as well as a product innovator.  One such product which was featured at his display this year was the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer, which trains and extends the lung capacity of an athlete by incrementally controlling and regulating oxygen intake during workouts.

Elite MMA Gym General Manager Justine Riediger (right) was at the show representing her team. 

Painted Demons

Painted Demons is an artistic expression of affection for all “whiskey fueled fighting robots” through print, murals, and illustration.  Of course, since there aren’t any of them around in this world, popular MMA scene brands such as Tapout and MMA Worldwide were amongst those who felt a connection for the brand’s elaborate designs and process. 

Contrary to the name of the brand, however, the representation at the booth appeared to be quite angelic.


Piloxing is a hybrid fitness program which combines elements of boxing, pilates, and dance into a dynamic fat-burning, muscle building workout that is enjoyably addictive.  Just one look at the smiles of the brand’s representatives is proof enough of its entertainment factor, which could explain it’s broadening use within the circles of the Hollywood elite.

Vitaflex Lifestyle

Alluring with the radiant glow of sweet charisma, Bella Falconi was one of the most visually stunning personalities at the Fit Expo this year.  Representing the Vitaflex Lifestyle, she exemplified exactly what that way of living signified through the observable results she has been able to attain during her own journey as a motivational fitness enthusiast and through her genuine appreciation for others around her.  The refreshing and inspiring character she offered to event attendees that day, making an active effort to engage her audience and maximize the the event experience for all, tells much of her value as a nationwide brand ambassador.
Bella would be one of the guest judges of the new Hottest Hooters girl segment of the Los Angeles Fit Expo.  Stay tuned for coverage of that contest.



A food chain known for their world famous wings and charming service, Hooters has been a go-to destination for many people eager to chill, have a beer, and perhaps, catch a pay-per-view championship fight.  Hooters girls and MMA make a great fit and is quite possibly why they were stationed adjacent to the MMA area’s display octagon.

Returning once again to the Fit Expo this year was popular BAMMA USA personality Pamela Jean Noble, who just a year previously won a team ring girl contest for her promotion in an MMA rules style pageant.  Tantalizing in shimmering grace and elegance of character, Pamela is a charming live event presence who really thrives in a stage atmosphere as both a performer and skilled hostess.

As an official ring girl for BAMMA, one could conclude her innate advantage at the center of a combat sports setup, as she was scheduled to compete in this year’s Hottest Hooters Girl Contest at the Fit Expo's MMA Area.  A few of her friends from the Hooters West Coast chains were also looking for a shot at the title, however, and it wouldn't be long until they all invaded the octagon in full force for the beginning of the contest.

Coverage of the Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013 continues next…

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