February 2, 2013

The Fit Expo Los Angeles 2013: Floor Report

The new year always brings with it a certain air of optimism. It’s that realization that no matter what has transpired throughout one’s lifetime, there are always opportunities that allow for change and new beginnings. Perhaps, it’s within this tradition of yearly resolutions that is so well emphasized by today’s culture that the organizers of the Los Angeles Fit Expo feel poised to create the most profound impact. The message is simple. Work to achieve. Achieve and be transformed. Nothing justifies and exemplifies that spirit better than the talented men and women who comprise today’s fitness elite. It is through their example that they have become honored, and by their dedication that they hope to inspire a generation. They know that within this marketplace of ideas and philosophies, the next wave of great motivators and leaders will emerge. The progression of such a cycle is what drives the engine of the fitness culture, and therefore, many of the models and talent at this event, while admired for their physical feats and accomplishments, are all the more regarded for their roles in shaping mindsets as lifestyle mentors and teachers. The Fit Expo of Los Angeles, being the largest event of its kind in Southern California, truly emphasizes the enthusiasm of a passionate and interconnected community and stands as one of the first and best big venue events of the show season.
The Fit Expo of Los Angeles, while one of the most extensive event experiences, is also one of the more challenging shows to fully cover without a proper plan set ahead of time.  The event contains various points of interest scattered throughout a vast show floor, each with varying and overlapping timeframes allocated towards a variety of performances, lectures, and competitions.  Fortunately,  the schedule and layout are easily attainable through the Fit Expo’s main site.  One just has to keep his or her eyes on that clock, which makes it all the more important to prioritize upon setting a route.  The following is a breakdown of the event structure itself.  As usual, since this site is focused on the various segments of the modeling industry, upcoming content will be focused on the promotional personalities and celebrities who were able to attend the Fit Expo this year.

Vendor Area

The event was basically organized in a single chamber, standard rowed show floor format, framed on the edges by stage and competition set-ups, separated from the majority of the vendor booths packed at the center. Demonstration and lecture areas found places within the main floor body with many of the participating companies stationing themselves around their shared platforms. Attendees eager to meet their favorite model or fitness guru would really have to navigate through the entire span of the crowded show room unless they referenced the official map for vendor locations ahead of time. The layout was quite diverse and had something different to offer fans and enthusiasts around every corner. However, the representatives of Bodybuilding.com were not that hard to find, mostly because of the massive winding line of eager fans, which stretched across the entire length of the convention chamber. Such a line forms every single year and is a leading motivation for getting to the show as early as possible.

Fit Girl Wear Fashion Show

While the the Fit Expo of Los Angeles has been well renowned as a prime destination for fitness and nutrition enthusiasts, it has also been very much about the fashion, mostly due to the style and creativity of the Fit Girl Wear Fashion Line presented by popular fitness personality Sherry Goggin. Vibrantly colorful and adorably sassy, the Fit Girl Wear Fashion Show always adds a touch of playful sensuality and flare to the main stage experience, and continues to be one of the most energetic and entertaining segments of the entire event.


BodySpace Spokesmodel Search

Formed and operated by Bodybuilding.com, BodySpace is the largest online fitness network today with the purpose of bringing likeminded people from around the nation together in a single forum to motivate and inspire one another to reach and attain their personal goals. Every year, a certain few which embody the spirit of dedication and achievement synonymous with the community mission are given a chance to compete live at the Fit Expo and become the next rising star of the fitness modeling industry. A cover feature for Iron Man Magazine and roles in numerous ad campaigns await the winners. Who could they be? Stay tuned.

Hottest Hooters Girl Contest

In lieu of the usual ring girl competitions, the Hooters Girls invaded the MMA area octagon to entertain with their own brand of pageantry. Full of humor, colored commentary and animated antics, the contest was a welcome addition to the Fit Expo’s staged attractions schedule.

Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships


The Iron Man Magazine Naturally Championships is recognized as the Fit Expo’s primary main stage attraction with competitions in figure, bikini, and physique running throughout a majority of the show hours. It gives an event attendee a look into the professional competitive field and process within the fitness and bodybuilding scene. When all is said and done, the trophy ceremony of the contest is usually the last stage presentation on its scheduled day, and as a result, becomes a lasting and representative visual of the entire course of the event.

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