February 28, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: The Women of Import Fashion


Import Fashion is an online resource dedicated to delivering the latest news and events trending within the automotive lifestyle community while celebrating the creative individualism and style of the people and personalities who comprise the scene. Their involvement within the automotive showcase circuits has historically been more than just that of an organizational correspondent, however, proactively thrusting themselves into the culture with initiatives like the Import Showcase Car Show, along with numerous official appearances within premier events such as SpoCom, the Motion Auto Show, and Hot Import Nights. With a growing brand name and an ever expanding pool

of talent under their banner, Import Fashion has become a popular node of entertainment within the scene’s live event circuits. At the 2013 Kuya Model Expo, they would not disappoint.

Karen Rox charms with a glowing expressive vivacity framed upon enamoring elegance of order.  She brings forth a consistency of sensual brilliance to a compositional foreground, which inspires a certain air of optimism while emotively captivating through vivid visual class and style.




One of Import Fashion’s newest talents hanging out with company photographer EJ.

Hauntingly mesmerizing within the delicate flow of sophistication, Angel Kyoko inspires with an exquisite aesthetic quality that is emotively powerful.  She just has this smoothness within her process that just conveys such potent sensuality and passionate force within both control and focus.  While she could very well be a prime candidate for the most stylistically intriguing young talent within the live SoCal glamour scene, she is also one of the most personally appealing and charismatic.  She just brings such refreshing spirit and animated humor to a live event experience.  Plus, she really has something going on with the hats.  She really rocks the look, western-themed or contemporary, as some may have noticed from her previous show stops.  Such could be an indication of her value within the fashion and accessories sector.  In summation, Angel Kyoko brings a new brand of character and excitement that could prove successful within any modeling arena.


Import Fashion creator Alvin Puertollano and the rest of the crew were enjoying the fun and energy of the moment. 



FHM featured model Fines Pena is a popular international figure in the import and automotive scene with official appearances as a Bumper to Bumper Car Show spokesmodel, as well as the 2011 holder of the Ms. Trans Sport Show title.  Tantalizingly enticing in shimmering chic expressive quality, she truly infuses the atmosphere with a richness of style and charming grace, which allude to those fundamental notions and conceptions of glamour and beauty.

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