February 27, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: Car Culture Cuties (Part 2)


While the current superstars of the automotive scene often share the spotlight with some tricked-out customized rides, they were in no way hindered by the absence of complimentary detailing and creative mechanics in the background. The glamour and import scenes of the modeling industry have always had a thematic kinship in the manner the talent form and maintain their loyal followings. Within these sectors, success isn’t necessarily dependent upon a certain design or philosophy, but rather the very being of the person. From a live event standpoint, the modeling talent are, in many instances, the primary reason why the crowds come to an event. A glamour event format like the one organized at the Kuya Model Expo just eliminates the possibility of any other sensory diversions from the obvious primary event attractions.

The beautiful Jenna Lane enchants with shimmering expressive smoothness, which glows within the sweet charm of warm adorability.  Playfully accommodating with her audience as always, she teased the crowds with some adlib bunny ears, as her neck bow seemed to visually allude to a certain publication.


Jenna Lane was later joined by her friend Jackie Yoo, who she constantly referred to as Miss Korea through Jackie’s blushing denials.  Either way, many would have agreed that her expressive brilliance and stunning visual class definitely deserved a crown.


In 2012, Elizabeth Tran was definitely one of the most memorable brand representatives for the Europrojektz SoCal car club, appearing under its banner at major automotive showcase events such as SpoCom, AutoCon LA, and the Auto Gallery Car Show in Huntington Beach.  Her innate appeal stems from a tantalizing expressive charisma which bursts with a class of genuine vigor while mesmerizing in soothing intoxicating depth.  Her ability to convey a vast spectrum of emotive content within the ease of fluid grace tells much of her remarkable capability within the various genres of style and fashion.



Charmingly alluring within the scintillating luster of expressive spirit, Gina Sky always captivates with inspiring emotive quality, which is sensually captivating while penetratingly heart-warming.  She just glows with an innate purity of character that could cause anyone to sigh in utter infatuation.

It’s JDM Yo!



It’s JDM yo!’s Emma Rose is one of the most visually enticing figures in the show circuits today, always charming within the fine glow of expressive elegance while sensually enrapturing through dynamic form and grace.  She also happens to be one of the sweetest personalities on the tour and never passes on an opportunity to interact and mingle with the fans. 


Nicolette Dawn gleams with stylishly stunning intuitive sensuality, which is chicly immaculate in both poise and expressive character.  She has as smoothness and flow which is commanding within focus, inspiring the senses with potent aesthetic intrigue.



Jeri Lee is one of the most well known figures of the import scene, having been featured within some of the top automotive lifestyle publications while developing an expansive international fanbase within the span of the last decade.  In many ways, she is the essence of the moniker “import model.”  Expressively brilliant within dynamic style which pulsates in visual passion, she very much embodies the enthusiasm and attitude of an entire culture.

Coverage of the 2013 Kuya Model Expo continues next…

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