February 25, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: The Vixens of JDM Sport

With a mission of providing the best quality selection of automotive parts available on the market today, JDM Sport has effectively developed a solid line of stylish and innovative performance products researched and tested to satisfy the style and preference of a passionate car culture enthusiast in regards to interior, exterior, and engine-related component modifications. The company’s dedication to the lifestyle is well reflected in its heavy involvement within the import scene as an organizer of several key community events during the past couple of years. This lead to JDM Sport’s eventual rise as one of the fastest growing brand names within the major trade event circuits during the 2012 season with notable promotional tour appearances at Hot Import Nights, AutoCon, Motion Auto Show, SpoCom, and SEMA. To help promote their brand culture to an ever expanding audience, JDM Sport formed one of the finest and most entertaining promotional teams of 2012, which would continue into the dawn of the 2013 season at the Kuya Model Expo. Of course, with the new year upon them, there also had to be a few new faces in the mix.


The lovely Lena Love is one of the longest serving promotional personalities under the JDM Sport banner with over ten official appearances during the 2012 season alone.  The essence of her popularity lies within an embracing, energizing spirit, which charmingly interplays with the smooth serene radiance of her expressive character.  It’s this light-hearted charisma within visual elegance, which fans have come to know and appreciate about this young talent.



Captivating with penetrating adorable allure, Jasmyn Skye has an innate ability to enliven the atmosphere upon any show floor, always inviting with a sweetness of disposition, which shines brilliantly within the luster of dynamic glamour.

JDM Sport’s Lee Ho has a history of photo bombing during the most opportune times.  Here in the background of yet another Jasmyn Skye moment, he brings up the symbolic “four,” most likely referring to the entertainment and cultural media resource Firm400.


Amy Ames has enjoyed one of the best debuts within the automotive showcase sector, highlighted by a title win at the Miss Auto Gallery Pageant just a few short months after her mid-season arrival in 2012.  Expressively smooth within enticing sensuality and poise, Amy is a dynamo of visual passion eager to unleash her full potential upon the world of promotional modeling.



Dany Hun lends shimmering sweet class and character to the JDM Sport booth experience, which intricately compliments the creativity and passion of the product brand culture.


Intoxicating in soothing expressive quality and seductive enamoring depth, Stephanie Lee possesses a visual character that is stylistically serene yet passionate on impact.  There’s this wild individuality within her nature that is photographically intriguing, which, in turn, translates naturally into charming, unbound enthusiasm within a live event environment. 

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