February 25, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: Car Culture Cuties (Part 1)


With Big Abe’s renowned experience as a leading event security official, many of the brightest stars of the import and automotive scene knew that those shirts with the big bold letters really read within the conviction of legitimacy. Kuya really got their backs. Well, as it turned out, they apparently had his too. Many of the most talented stars of the automotive showcase circuits swarmed into the Holiday Inn at Torrance in order to celebrate with one of their own this special professional milestone, one which could potentially become the dawning of a new live event phenomenon. Along with their varied resumes which together spanned the realms of magazine print, pageant crowns, and national brand promotion, they brought with them a certain culture, which while forged in ingenuity and creativity was equally fueled by an unbound enthusiasm and energy for fun and camaraderie. As a result, many of the popular promotional teams of the automotive sector were present in full force to support and celebrate the debut of the Kuya Model Expo.


It’s not certain whether this was done with the full genius of intention, but placing Raichelle Viado at the first table in front of the event entrance was probably one of the smartest moves ever made by any glamour event coordinator.  Raichelle is an explosion of potent, unrestrained energy, suited to shake off any left over emotional stupor from a lackluster long morning drive.  Even with the full utility of one’s senses, Raichelle is definitely one of the most inviting personalities in the live event modeling circuits, always beaming with expressively vibrant charisma which utterly captivates in combination with a shimmering flare of adorable sensuality. 



Lily Wang (left) already caught a lot of attention with that soothingly intoxicating allure inherent in her expressive character.  However, she invited one of her good buddies into this shot with the apparent goal of making this particular image a few degrees hotter for the general viewing pleasure.  That’s an educated guess, of course, but it seems just about right.




Seductively brilliant with embracing expressive sweetness, Bebe Layne is a former Miss Auto Gallery contender who has an innate compatibility with any variety of glamour-based themes or compositions.  She just brings forth this effortless force of passionate content, which is seemingly innocent of any purposeful intent rather than to just purely express the nature of her own spirit and identity.  Perhaps, it’s because of this openness and visual integrity that she often finds a loyal audience.


MFest is a brand dedicated to organizing the car culture community through scheduled meets and gatherings, where likeminded individuals can share and support each other’s passion for the automotive lifestyle.  To compliment the experience, they also offer enthusiasts merchandise and accessory options within their established online channels.

With the MFest banner proudly displayed behind her, Sandra Wong exemplified the spirit of the community culture with that trademark graciousness and class, which has earned her a leading promotional role within the organization as the reigning Ms. MFest.  Also the Ms. Super Street title holder for the year 2013, her sudden success within both the live event and published media realms stems from an ability to efficiently convey her inherent qualities into soothingly expressive artistry, which can fuse into a vast spectrum of thematic elements within the embrace of fluid stylistic depth.  She just has a charm that consistently translates within a variety of mediums and situations, which in summation is testament to her versatility and prowess as a top brand ambassador.



Jenna Trujillo is truly one of the most lovely modeling talents associated with the SpoCom showcase series in recent history, having attended or represented the event in an official capacity for at least three of their Southern California sanctioned spectaculars within the span of the last four years.  Utterly tantalizing through fiery passionate serenity and penetrating glamour, Jenna always gets a few hearts skipping some beats whenever she’s around.


WiredonHonda.com / 6 Speed Motorsports

WiredonHonda.com is an online forum and news journal featuring articles, merchandise, and event coverage suited to the tastes and preferences of the avid Honda and Acura enthusiast.  6 Speed Motorsports offers a variety of service packages specializing in both custom vehicular modifications and accident collision care.  Of course, with two companies at one table, there is often a demand for some extra special representation.


Jeannette Madrigal has been known to dazzle the major show circuits, appearing at several Hot Import Nights and DUB Show tour stops within the past couple of years.  At the Kuya Model Expo, she definitely made a splendid first impression for the 2013 season, mesmerizing all attendees through her scintillating enamoring brilliance, which just aesthetically inspired in fine form and immersing sensual quality.

Coverage of the 2013 Kuya Model Expo continues next…

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