January 12, 2013

2012 Sceneblazers: Raquel Estrella


Raquel Estrella may very well be the most decorated young superstar of 2012. Debuting in the Southern California Import Scene on December 2011, she continued into the next year with dominating performances at several mega live event competitions, earning recognition as a multi-time finalist and winning three major titles all within her first full year as an active industry talent. As Miss Extreme Autofest San Diego, Miss SpoCom Anaheim, and Miss Badbeat, she has essentially achieved a triple crown of honors spanning the promotional realms of automotive trade and professional competitive sports. Such a resume has only ingratiated her further with some of the top brands known to prominent live event circuits. For instance, she has become the most popular personality of Savini Wheels in recent history, representing the brand in at least five of its big venue promotional stops this year alone.

Taking into account the full magnitude of her stardom with the fundamental facets that make Raquel who she is, it’s all quite impressive but not at all surprising.  Vivaciously seductive in tempting adorable depth, Raquel tends to captivate with such potent visual passion that many people find hard to forget.  But perhaps it’s the embracing energy and spirited rapport she creates with the people around her, which truly solidifies her status amongst an expansive audience, quite telling of a person who truly appreciates her journey, driven by belief and aspirations for the future.  There’s much to be inspired about, while in the presence of such a complete beauty, and that’s why so many people enjoy seeing her around.


Hot Import Nights Pomona

Hot Import Nights Official Model


MFest / BMW Dealer Showcase

Savini Wheels



Hot Import Nights Los Angeles

Savini Wheels



SpoCom Anaheim

Savini Wheels






DUB Show Los Angeles

Savini Wheels




Orange County Auto Show

Savini Wheels / Tekken




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