February 26, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Michelle Vandervoort and Casey Walsh

Where the sun gleams upon a gorgeous stretch of coastline in the West, it does so likewise upon the celebrated sands in the east. Where monuments of progress and imagination are erected within the heart of a Southland, a similar skyline provides evidence of much the same from a not-too-distant metropolis to the north. While Los Angeles is one of the major entertainment hubs in the United States, it is by far not the only place in which to discover talent who have something unique and intriguing to offer the modeling industry. At the Kuya Model Expo, two young talents from opposite sides of the country would converge upon the City of Angels to introduce themselves to a whole new expanded audience. Here now is a brief spotlight on Casey Walsh and Michelle Vandervoort.

Automotive lifestyle enthusiasts might remember Casey Walsh gracing a few major showcase extravaganzas last season, touring with the Hot Import Nights event series to its sanctioned stops in San Mateo, CA and Miami, FL.  With that said, the Tampa Bay resident already has a sterling resume spanning several sectors of the modeling industry, including features in automotive publications, roles in music video productions and even a position as a premier fight cage girl for the Florida based Art of Fighting MMA promotion.  Her ability to operate within different mediums and stylistic genres is a direct result of her intuitive sense and understanding of the expressive art form.  By nature, she just beams with a charming vivacity, which draws people in with inspiring warmth.  By delving further into her process, one can immediately notice the sheer focus and control she possesses, which project a level of strength, attitude, and sophistication with such incremental emotive precision as to provide a certain air of mystery into every shot.  It’s through this aesthetic subjectivity that is created, which makes her quite the versatile talent on any form of media.



Washington State native Michelle Vandervoort absolutely mesmerizes with smooth statuesque elegance and grace.  There’s a certain enticing tranquility in her expressive character, which is enthrallingly soothing and subtly romantic, especially when framed upon the aesthetic appeal of her sensual form and poise.  The effortless flow of emotive content from her talent is well exemplified by the pure volume and quality of shots she has within this coverage set.


Like her friend Casey, Michelle has recently been involved with the Hot Import Nights automotive showcase tour.  Talking with her about her future plans in the Southern California area, she expressed excitement about her next appearance with the brand at its upcoming Fontana, CA event on March 23, 2013.

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