February 24, 2013

Kuya Model Expo 2013: Floor Report


In an environment dominated by the popular female personalities of the day, Big Abe has progressed and developed into a beloved figure within the automotive live events circuits. A constant presence within many of the import scene’s most prominent trade and showcase events as a member of the Kuya Protection security squad, he has always been fine with his big brother role in the background though often quite difficult to overlook in many regards due to his physically intimidating stature. Despite this, however, fans of the scene have gravitated to the inclusive spirit and charisma he offers to the event experience, personifying that dynamic attitude and passion for a culture, which he often bears proudly upon his neck in the form of a gigantic, oversized wheel rim. It’s this balance of character and individuality which has allowed him to brand himself effectively into several live promotional campaigns for companies like Savini, Tekken, and NOS Energy Drink during the 2012 season with even more opportunities probable in the future. One such opportunity would involve the eventual formulation and creation of a brand new modeling event series appropriately dubbed the Kuya Model Expo.

Held at the Holiday Inn in Torrance, California, the Kuya Model Expo was an initiative by Big Abe to bring the live glamour meet-and-greet experience back to its foundations. Talking with him briefly, it was intriguing to note the importance for him as a creative director and coordinator to have the elements of entertainment take the lead, a vision which was well integrated into several specialized stage segments and interactive performances, which enthralled and enthused audiences for more. The following is a breakdown of some of the show’s elements and features, which will be relived through upcoming coverage.

General Show Floor


The event setting would take place at the second story ballroom within Torrance’s premier Holiday Inn hotel establishment. Many of the featured talent were stationed at designated tables along the walls, circling the entire show floor, while others found themselves surrounding an elevated, centrally-located runway setup. The space between the two talent zones would serve as a continuous route for fans to navigate the event area, providing them optimal contact with their favorite modeling personalities from every conceivable direction, creating more opportunities for more face-to-face interaction, especially in the relatively close quarters of a non-convention hall venue. People accustomed to the Women of Perfection event series would get a little sense of nostalgia from the layout. Because of Big Abe’s strong connections with the import scene, a community dynamic was observable in the event structure, as several of the scene’s established organizations and brands brought their talent troops to the event to showcase some brand pride. In many ways, the Kuya Model Expo turned out to be a hybrid of the form and spirit present within both the glamour and automotive live event scenes.

Fashion and Performance

Bikini Fashion Show Samba with Daniela Brazil

This is where things get a little bit crowded but for good reason.  The Kuya Model Expo dazzled the senses with live stage presentations of the hottest bikini and lifestyle wear, showcased upon some of the most gorgeous young figures in the modeling industry today.  Add to that a little Samba with talented professional dancer Daniela Brazil and a few extra special guests, there was no denying that there was definitely a party going on in here.

Streetwear Fashion Show Legacy Rain Fashion Squad


Coverage of the Kuya Model Expo 2013 continues next…

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