January 4, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: Ducati Takes The Podium (Part 3)

With the Ducati Fashion Show nearing its conclusion, the energy intensified. Through splendid action-packed choreography, the Ducati team exemplified in dramatic, rhythmic unison the action, intensity and flare that their brand fundamentally signified, keeping the enthused audience upon the edge of the seats until the eventual final curtain call. But before that, the performers honored the crowds with a hearty applause to show their appreciation for the people’s gracious enthusiasm and support. When it came for the audience to do the same, a few members of the Ducati team made sure that they had something to remember them by, performing dynamic signature solos, which intrigued and dazzled the mind.


Kalyn Hemphill would assist in presenting one of Ducati’s premier racing suit designs during the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, essentially exemplifying the company’s dedication towards an avid motorcyclist’s style and comfort upon the road.








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