January 3, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: Ducati Takes The Podium (Part 2)

The Ducati fashion segment during the Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach was a multi-talented presentation of scintillatingly emotive elements that provided for a truly exquisite visual experience. To compliment Ducati’s chicly vibrant active wear line, the Ducati team approached the stage with bold unison of sound and body, utilizing dynamic pauses and bursts of movement that orchestrated an order and sophistication into their thematic framework. Then suddenly, several climactic feats would take center stage, creating drama within passionate interpretive interplay while inspiring suspense through insane acrobatic precision.










Kalyn Hemphill (above) would return to the Podium at the International Motorcycle Show, effectively complimenting the spirit and style of the Ducati brand’s adventurous clothing line through the depth and charm of her presence and character.




Coverage of the 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show continues next…

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