January 2, 2013

Progressive International Motorcycle Show of Long Beach 2012: The Talent Rundown (Part 5)


Southern California Motorcycles

The Brea based dealer, Southern California Motorcycles, offers an all-inclusive inventory of the finest manufactured brand models, products and accessories, suited to satisfy the needs and preferences of any dedicated rider and enthusiast.  Especially within the live event showcase circuits, one can’t help but to be satisfied about the quality of customer service that they provide.


Michelle Duran Shear mesmerizes with a smooth glow of sensual elegance born from an innate spirit of creativity, which flows through both form and constitution. Such may very well be the byproducts of experience within the field of performance art, as both a passionate dancer and instructor. Her willingness to explore the realm of still photography might be inferred by the volume of shots she was willing to take during the event.




If the word “gnarly” in this context means “excellent,” then everyone would have to agree.  Gnarly Charly was an absolute pleasure to meet at the show.  Radiating with enthusiasm and embracing charm, she made everyone feel welcome and appreciated at the Southern California Motorcycles display.




If someone’s yearning to rent a Ducati, it really doesn’t take a lot of brainwork to know where to go.  How about Rentaducai.com?  That seems simple enough.

Jenny Yi is a regular presence at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach and the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.  Serenely alluring though with a subtle jovial spark, she always adds fun and intriguing moments into everyone’s show floor experience.

Coverage of the 2012 Progressive International Motorcycle Show Continues next…

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