December 17, 2012

LA Auto Show 2012 SPOTLIGHT: Tiffany Stone


With the brand new 300C full-sized sedan upon Chrysler’s main display at this year’s LA Auto Show, the company had to make sure they had people with the experience and passion to drive the message of Chrysler’s dedication to performance, style and luxury to a mass audience. Once again, Tiffany Stone found herself on that platform for the duration of this two week extravaganza, having already toured with the brand for several years nationwide. Much of her appeal at these events stem from her dynamic presentation style. There’s a volume and vitality that she is able to channel while detailing the most technical of information that provides that much needed clarity to the wandering minds of an uncommitted consumer. There are even some moments that it’s unsure whether or not she does sense a bit of confusion, where it seems she tweaks her narrative ever so slightly to keep everyone locked on, utilizing methods such as brief energetic moments of Q&A to personalize a product experience. It’s this intuitive charm that’s very natural and endearing about her that builds the element of trust and comfort with a broad-based audience.

If one found themselves to be a bit more curious, a simple search engine inquiry would uncover that she is definitely one of the more popular Chrysler representatives within the automotive trade show circuit. Such would also uncover her many successes within the modeling industry in general, being a top ten finalist of Maxim’s 2008 Hometown Hotties competition and a former top 15 contender for the crown of Miss Michigan, along with numerous credits in televised advertising and online media. There’s much to be said about a someone whose talent encompasses every sector of their industry, and it’s all very good.


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