December 18, 2012

LA Auto Show 2012: Kentia Cuties (Part 1)

Heading down the escalators from the LA Convention Center’s main lobby, there lies a whole new world within the walls of Kentia Hall.  While things up top are a bit more structured and formalized, showcasing world premiere, mass produced projects by the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, the convention center underground, as you will, provided a different outlook at the automotive lifestyle featuring custom cars, vehicular modification products, accessories and car care equipment which cater to the spirit of a car culture that is easily identifiable with the vibrant SoCal crowd.  Therefore, many of the talent stationed in this section of the convention center will be familiar with many who follow the west coast import and trade show scenes. 

Bespoke Coachworks

Event organizers could employ a welcoming committee to get everyone pumped up for a big day at the LA Convention Center or just have the dazzling Lena Hakim in a sleek black dress smiling at people from the Bespoke Coachworks booth right when they get through the doors.  Lena’s elegant poise and well-mannered professionalism effectively conveyed a sensual brand of sophistication that definitely got the attention and admiration of all who entered Kentia Hall that day.

Galpin Auto Sports


Galpin Auto Sports took the center of the grand Kentia floor presenting a colorful array of custom modified classic and contemporary rides.  Having lovely representatives like Kallie Loudon (above) and Erica Rose (bottom) in the mix added even more personality to all the creative flare.


AKA Euro Sport


AKA Euro Sport always has a unique and stunning talent at their display who compliments the sensual grace and style displayed upon their featured showcase modifications and creative kits.  This time Yelena Ilnitskaya was front and center, captivating crowds with intense expressive allure.

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach

One of the most popular racing events in Long Beach, California is the star-studded Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach.  Every year before the weekend mega event, a competition is conducted to see who has the beauty and charm to represent the event as a year-long promotional ambassador.

Kristina Morrison was this year’s second runner-up in the Miss Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pageant.  Just witnessing the charm of her expressional brilliance is proof enough of her stature as an admired figure within any prestigious spokes model competition.



The title of Miss Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach 2012 went to the gorgeous Stephani Costanza this year.  Ever so captivating with statuesque grace and expressive vivacity, she has carried her title with an elegance and enthusiasm that is becoming of a top representative for what is known as one of the most action packed sporting events in Southern California.  The LA Auto Show is often one of the last chances for people to see a reigning title holder for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach before a new woman is crowned later in the Spring of the following year.  That’s always a good incentive to head over to the LA Auto Show for at least one day within its annual two week run.


Coverage of the 2012 LA Auto Show continues next…

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