December 5, 2012

"A Child's Smile" Toy Drive Cars4Cancer Charity Car Show: The Geisha Girls


The first of December tends to bring heightened attention to the upcoming holiday festivities.  With the season of giving at hand, Geisha Events, Cars4Cancer and Extreme Dimensions, along with many popular sponsors and product brands known throughout the import scene, thought it best to set aside one special day to have a chance to influence a child's smile, a thought which perhaps influenced the title of the event, "A Child's Smile" Toy Drive and Cars4Cancer Charity Car Show.  As people came to the Extreme Dimensions headquarters in Fullerton, CA to show their good will through numerous toy and monetary donations, they didn't need to go that far to experience some good cheer for their ample generosity.  The fabulous Geisha Girls, who have been making their presence known all throughout the 2012 events season, were out in full force ready to celebrate the holiday season with the crowds in what would be for many their last car show of the year.  With their natural charisma and flare, they brought an energetic vibrance and spirit to the overcast gloom of the day.  One just had to admire the amazing teamwork...



More of the Geisha Ladies as well as more of your favorite modeling stars as coverage of "A Child's Smile" Toy Drive and Cars4Cancer Charity Car Show continues...

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  1. Excellent write up...Thank you from all of us at Cars4Cancer!