November 27, 2012

The Glamour Scene


Glamour is really about credibility.  It’s a quality heavily reliant upon one’s ability to convey pure expressive content to influence a genuinely powerful emotional response.   A model proficient at this art imprints an ideal upon the target audience’s psyche and becomes a symbol of that experience.  It’s this ability to foster fantasy that drives magazines and product brands to employ talented glamour models in their ad and promotional campaigns, in effect translating the audience’s fascination with that of the model into loyal affection for their own company.  Even without a brand behind them, these glamour icons often draw adoring crowds to special appearances and events held at some of the most lavish venues, just for a chance to speak to them in person or perhaps even grab some special personalized memorabilia in the process.  In a way, the “Glamour Scene” can be considered an umbrella term for all other sectors of the modeling industry.  It just depends on the audience’s point of view.  For the purposes of this site’s coverage material, the Glamour Scene will refer to special talent appearances and model industry expos. 

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