December 5, 2012

“A Child’s Smile” Toy Drive and Cars4Cancer Charity Car Show SPOTLIGHT: Carla Calderon


December can make people nostalgic about what’s gone on through the course of the year.  It’s probably why many of the major family holidays occur around this time, giving everyone a chance to think back on some of those awesome moments with friends and, perhaps, live them once again.  For me as a photographer, seeing Carla Calderon back on the scene at this charity event was just what I needed to get my creativity flowing.  You could look back at our collaborations in the past and observe the penetrating passionate content she was always able to convey into any single piece of photography.  She would often laugh-off any incoming compliments with regards to her artistic process.  Maybe she’s just winging it like she says all the time.  After all, who really needs to prepare or practice when beauty just presents itself naturally.


Coverage of "A Child's Smile" Toy Drive and Cars4Cancer Charity Car Show Continues...stay tuned…

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