November 24, 2013

HIN WDRIFT Fontana 2013 SPOTLIGHT: Lisa Recupero


Artists are not solely recognized upon their proficiency in interpreting or characterizing abstract themes.  They are also very much defined upon an integrity within thought and meaning.  It’s by this same understanding that some indie rock stars refuse to subject themselves upon popularized forms of musicianship and arrangement, as it fails to reflect the spirit of their distinct journeys.  It’s within such an idea that often makes a quirky, unorthodox comedian all that more laughable, when he or she finds that need to tackle the gravity of dramatic acting.  It’s all about identity in many ways, as people seek to comprehend the constructs of a personality within its true state of belief and being.  Likewise, within the realm of modeling, deep seeded motivations and interests do tend to influence the direction of a specific talent within the scope of the professional environment, dictating their progression within specific niches that cater towards their growth as a genuine individual and entertainer.  Such would eventually lead talents like Lisa Recupero upon the show floors of HIN WDRIFT Fontana at the Auto Club Speedway, where a thrill and enthusiasm for the automotive showcase culture would beckon her arrival upon one of nation’s hottest import scene productions.



Lisa Recupero would absolutely charm through a penetrating expressive consistency defined in sensual delicate style, qualities to her talent, which effectively projects a potency of bold attitude within tempting allure.  Her designation as an official spokesmodel for the HIN WDRIFT spectacular at Fontana’s Auto Club Speedway would essentially expose her potential to a more expansive community and audience, an opportunity that she would take full advantage of, as she toured the grounds finding her place amongst the displays in full admiration of the various modified vehicles and custom car designs.


Throughout her trek across the Hot Import Nights event grounds, Lisa would elaborate further upon her entry into this specific genre of the modeling industry as a natural progression of her own participation within the car culture community.  As a proud owner of an Infiniti G35, all tricked out in custom wheels, lights and lowered racing suspension, Lisa has always been fully aware and appreciative of the dedication and hard work involved in pursuing and achieving that ideal build that effectively reflects one’s true passion and character.  It’s already been three years since she started on this project and considers the whole process as quite creatively rewarding.




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