August 19, 2013

SPOCOM Anaheim 2013: Running into the Ladies


A major automotive showcase extravaganza like SPOCOM Anaheim presents a variety of visual spectacles that can effectively attract an audience from several different directions all at once, often making any coherent process of navigation throughout the show floor seemingly impractical within the guidance of pure passion and sensory intrigue.  In many instances, people might be seen crossing set paths in a half trance, captivated in the flare and detail of a performance engineered custom car or stunning luxury modified vehicle.  Then, perhaps, a sudden announcement from the main stage speakers prompts the crowds to wander off to yet another area for the next installment of the night’s scheduled program.  It’s through this tug and pull of enticing forces that fundamentally exemplifies the solid entertainment mechanism within the SPOCOM event production, a dimension and quality to this particular extravaganza that has sustained its brand’s reputation as a premier car culture festival for seven years.  Within the joyous chaos of it all, one never knows who might actually be encountered within any given point in time, thus infusing an element of surprise within any particular moment.  Upon a show floor significantly composed of the import scene’s modeling elite, such chance and opportunity often provides for those memorable highlights that can define an entire experience. 

2013 SPOCOM Official Spokesmodel Lounge


A few hours before the SPOCOM Anaheim extravaganza, Jenna Trujillo would give a helpful hint to all her social network followers to keep an eye out for the girl with the brightest dress upon the show floor because in all likelihood that would be her.  Well, she wasn’t lying.  That outfit was pretty bright.  Though whether it be in a hot fuchsia pink dress or a jean shorts and t-shirt ensemble, Jenna has always been known to inspire some attention from the crowds.  After all, it’s that passionate expressive allure and vivid dynamic style that has made her one of the most admired live personalities of the SPOCOM showcase brand for the past five seasons.






Stephanie Kay charms through a soothing sensual focus accentuated in fluid passionate form, qualities to her talent that establish a certain grace within moment, which could very well allude to her background in dance and performance arts.  While this would be her first official appearance at the SPOCOM Anaheim Super Show, many who frequent the Southern California scene might actually recall meeting her earlier in the year, all adorned in the Hankook Tire colors as one of the company’s official umbrella girls during this year’s Formula Drift season opener in Long Beach.




Rosie Ly would be one of the premier international talents making her debut within the Southern California event circuits at SPOCOM Anaheim this year, essentially enriching the show atmosphere through a sweet expressive elegance and sleek delicate poise that stylistically complimented the significance of the occasion.  Such visual allure and class was to be expected from a talent capable of achieving a first runner up standing within the famed Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant in 2009.



Beckie Joon returns once again as an official spokesmodel for the SPOCOM Super Show spectacular, being one of a few ladies to maintain such a distinction for three consecutive seasons in the past five years.  Vibrantly inspiring in rich expressive radiance defined in elegant statuesque control, Beckie brings a certain finesse and tranquility into a scene or composition, which effortlessly bursts forth through a clarity of spirit that all the more embraces an audience within a warmth and serenity of pure character.   



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