October 21, 2013

Style Week OC 2013: The Women of the Market Place Style Closets


There’s a difference between the concept behind the fashion and the actual experience of seeing it in action.  While the allure for complimentary elements or stylish contrasts tend to intrigue and fascinate within its innate qualities and merits, the benefit of actually witnessing all that imagination and design in living motion is all the more significant to its relevance within human activity.  After all, people walk, run, dance, and jump.  It’s just a fundamental consequence of being naturally social and expressive beings.  Thus, such a tendency necessitates a certain cohesion between body and fabric, one which fuses the art of fashion within the dynamicity of the individual.  It’s this common understanding that has established the mainstream image of the modeling industry over the years and has quite possibly influenced its welcomed presence within the featured style closets at the Tustin Market Place during Style Week OC.  Indeed, for a limited time, shoppers would be given the opportunity to witness and enjoy a variety of fashionable applications through the character and poise of some of California’s most elegant runway and fashion personalities.




Alexandra Allen absolutely captivates in a serene expressive radiance framed in soothing delicate poise, facets of her natural talent that have allowed her to become well recognized within live fashion extravaganzas such as the 2012 Fashion’s Night Out celebration in Los Angeles.  Modeling for LOFT during this Style Week OC in-store event at the Tustin Market Place, she would effortlessly emphasize the pristine elegance and grace of this brilliant featured ensemble. 





Linda Sage just exudes soothing order within keen stylistic intuition, which effectively accentuates the sleek style and character of this featured outfit by LOFT.



Elegantly charming in shimmering expressive grace defined in refined statuesque form, Anesha Johnson effectively conveyed the undeniable class and spirit within the LOFT brand of fashion and design.




Stein Mart


The beautiful Jen Araki would make a pleasant appearance at the Tustin Market Place during Style Week OC, effectively representing the fashions of Stein Mart throughout the course of the center’s style closet spectacular.  Vibrantly charismatic in spirited expressive depth embraced in rich intuitive control, her innate enthusiasm and ability for creating intriguing moments within photography is quite apparent.  Her past work as an actress within popular television dramas such as the Sopranos just further emphasizes the dimension within her talent.



Kerry Dyer enchanted through a smooth expressive style which effectively highlighted the Stein Mart brand’s affection for shimmering sophistication.


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